Writing a soca song.

welll i really love soca music, calypso as well u know da vybe an ting really gets to my head, but i'm a young person maybe too young to get deeply involved but wat i want to now is how do u go about choosin a topic wen writin soca, how many words a line should hv how many lines per verse if a riddim is choosen then u think of the words or do you write your lyrics down first all these kinda stuff i really see myself as on of da future calypso/soca writers just want a feedback on whats expected in a song

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Jun 04, 2009
Writing a Soca song
by: Dimpledread

first you can never be too young to write music its done everyday. machel was 8 when he lost in that talent show that Shadow wrote Too Yog To Socs for and look at him now. one thing that works for me is re-write a song that i love it doesnt matter what genre and then change it to what you want. dont have too many words and ow a days a soca song typically has 2 verses with a chorus but you can stretch it to 3 just make sure the song is under 3 minutes , write what you know it doenst have to be a aparty song it can be something as simple as a sunset outside your window or the love you feel for someone/something the choices are limitless good luck and start writing!!!

Mar 10, 2011
Soca song
by: Lornette

Wrote a soca song and wants to find some one to help me work with it with music and professionalizing it.

May 11, 2011
How to write a soca song.
by: Soca Freak

Here's a tip for writing a soca song. You can do this for any genre really, but you asked about soca.

Choose one of your favourite soca songs and write a different lyric to the melody of the song. In other words change the lyric.

Later on change the melody of the song and you come up with an entirely new soca song.

This is a great technique for learning how to write a soca song and is great for practice. You will learn more about the structure of soca songs.

After you have a firm grasp on this you should trying writing without having such a template to write from.

Jun 23, 2013
soca song
by: abigail

Well i want to sing for trinidad de wotless country. I want to no where do have to.go an getmy own tune

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