Who really invented steel band?


Who really invented steel band?

Did anyone hear about the two white American men who have recently filed, AND HAVE BEEN GRANTED a patent in the USA saying that they invented steel band?

Here is what really happened:
We West Indians have taken steel band for granted and NEVER FILED for it as an invention!

Two Americans came up with a system of chrome-plating the drums through an elaborate process in a factory and claimed to have invented steel band. They then went to the US courts and filed that process as their invention.

As far as their process is concerned they are correct. However, they got the idea from us and elaborated on it.

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Jan 04, 2011
this is not correct
by: Anonymous

If Trinidadians invented steelband, how could two white americans could say they invented it? somehow something is wrong there. and another thing barbadians saying now they invented soca? what is really going on here, it is "time to take everything Trinidadian era"? and allison hinds was just crowned the soca queen? what happened to calypso Rose, Denise Plummber, Faye ann Lyons etc. where was barbados when everything was invented in TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO? Some people are just too pushy, go back to your spogge or what ever it was.

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