what is happening to soca music

by angela

I live in canada now but my love for Tinidad music will never die. How can we stop cheap, selfish, people from stealing our beautiful music and taking away the artist hard work for free. Something have to be done because I love to buy my CDS I love to see the art work on my case, if we don\t do something now I feel the next generation will lose out on so much.

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Jun 02, 2009
TNT music
by: Dimpledread

Well keep doing ehat you are doing by mentioning it but unfortunatley wit hte web there is no way to stop it b/c those same artists want a lot of people to hear their music and use these same devices to show their compositions but I hear you on that and as a musican I say thank you but I dont see it stopping any time soon. I mean the man who created this very site has his music on here 'free' as well
thanks for your comments

Oct 13, 2009
show bootlegs you care about soca
by: Anonymous

I know we live in a fast technology world but please use proper words to make your comments. I cannot speak for everyone,but everytime we buy a bootleg CDS or download songs we're taking food away from a artist or sales clerk.We can make a difference, by not letting technology take over our lives. All it takes is going to a CD store or even on line and buy an original product, that way we can send a message to indviduals out there that we do care about our own, and artist should realize that not everyone can afford to buy CDS at a high price so they should have more open dialogue with their fans, about supporting the soca world, because if they don't protect it there will be notthing left for them to enjoy. I love all kind of music but soca will always be my first love, please try to make a difference I know we can.

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