Vanilla - We Remember Dem Lyrics - Guyana Soca 2012

by Burchmore Simon

We Remember Them

Performed by: Vanilla
written, arrange and produced by:
Burchmore Simon
Backups Vocals: Tennicia DeFreitas and Abidemi

Once again we on the road for carnival
we gon be jumping and we waving like we mad
But as we jump and as we wave
think about the ones not there

So many people live a life full of sorrow
They don't know if they will see a tomorrow
They carry a load too heavy to bear
For tomorrow they don't care

Think bout the falling soldiers
who started the festival
think bout the children in the ghetto
who cant come to bacchanal

So On the road we remember them
Yes we remember them
Wine we remember them
stage we remember them
Flags we remember them
High we remember them
every year at carnival

Bacchanal we remember them
Fete we remember them
mass we remember them
Palance we remember them
Jump we remember them
Wave we remember them
Every year at Festival

We on the stage and we flags deh flying high
But in a corner a mother yes she cries
Son gone away buried yesterday
My sky is blue hers is gray

Thousands mash yes we having a grand time
Rags and flags decorating the skyline
Not far away a man in a chair
Wish that he could be here

Think bout the homeless people
On the pavement they sleep
Think bout fatherless children
Who have nothing to eat


The air is filled with carnival
Give thanks and praise mash festival
We remember them (x8)


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