Up Dey Lyrics

by Edison Francis



Up Dey Lyrics

There is ah feeling in the air
Carnival is here again mama
You’re hungry, hungry for some sweet soca
The remedy to cool your temperature
And when you hear the music play
You want to whine and break away
You tell yourself it’s go to be fun
You can’t wait for carnival come
To put your rag up dey, in the air
Flag up dey, in the air
Rag up dey, in the air
Flag up dey, in the air
Is we thing carnival is we thing
As say is we thing
Bacchanal is we thing
So put your rag in the sky
Flag in the sky ee aye aye
Up dey, up dey
Just put your rags in the air
Flag in the air ee eeh eeh
Up dey, up dey
Up dey, up dey

(Up Dey Lyrics)

Adrenaline flow through your vain
Soca have you going insane mama
You feting, feting, fêting all over
You drinking beer and rum just like water
And when your body and fire
The symptom of soca fever
You ask yourself why must man die
The music put you on a high

Can’t you feel the energy?
Deep within your hold body mama
You bad, bad, bad for them sweet soca
You want to hear them over and over
And when it’s soca monarch time
Is rags and flags dey on your mind
You want to jump you want to whine
Because you know this is the time

You want to play ah mas this year
Your costume everything prepare papa
You’re waiting, waiting for the dimanchegras
You want to see who they go crown mister
And when its j’ouvet morning come
You whining like a jab in town
Monday night mas you cannot past
Tuesday you’re in a fancy mas

End of Up Dey Lyrics

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