Uncle Sam Biography

by R. Pfau
(Orlando, Fla. USA)

Uncle Sam

Uncle Sam

Uncle Sam Biography

Born in Ft. Lauderdale and raised in West Palm Beach, Florida, Uncle Sam aka "Di Foreign Man" Mr. Sam is an artist that you can’t forget. His singing bird skills incorporating Reggae ,Soca and Dub Step influences make people scratch their head into thinking,” The boy is wicked, Now who is he and where did he come from?” Sam was immersed into the music scene as a young child and in the 80’s landed a reoccurring gig at a skating rink as a house Dj while in school. Sam got a call from a friend stating a local sound system Tri-Star was looking for a new selector. Sam resided with the sound djing along side the likes of Renaissance, Bodyguard, Stone Love, Lees Unlimited, Black Chiney etc, until he went back to school. Years passed and the sound thing took a side step when Sam was at a show. The Dj flipped over the record to the instrumental and passed him the microphone. When he began to sing a song the crowd went in frenzy. Uncle Sam took it a step further and joined a local "Damage Band" later landed a residential job at Bob Marley’s at Universal, City walk, Orlando. Years later Sam put his own band together while taking the stage along side artists like Lady Saw, Macka Diamond, Frankie Paul, Allison Hinds, Rupee, T-Vice, Carimi and etc . One particular event was at the FIU Angostura Fete 2005 when Byron Lee and the Dragonaires spotted his performance. Uncle Sam traveled with Byron Lee performing at Miami Jerk Fest, Jamaica Road March, Chukka Cove 2006, Richmond estates in 2007, Batabano Cayman Islands, Dominica Creole Festival and up and down the North East coast hitting all Carnivals and Festivals from New York to Miami releasing his Cropover 2k8 hits, " We Love Your Carnival" with Jamesy P, "Wine in Di Place" alongside Allison Hinds. Uncle Sam has been working extensively in the UK market with the biggest Producers Putting out the number one song for 2007 called “Round The World Girls” out on Argon Records and he has not stopped releasing big tracks like " Up In The VIP", on Dub Police Records and"London City"on Caspas new album for 2009. Look out for five new songs soon to be released for Cropover 2k9 with Extreme Platter and Kubiyashi. Check his website and myspace at www.theunclesam.com and www.myspace.com/demtingdeh.

End of Uncle Sam Biography

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