Two old soca or calypso songs. Need help.

by Ginn

Ok the first song is probably from the 80s or 90s. It was a bunch of animals arguing in the jungle about who's civilized and who's the jackass. I think it was when calypsonians were doing extempo. Like making it up as they go.

The next one is a ole calypso tune. They were trying to pack a suitcase and a man sings it and they both sat on the suitcase. I can't remember the lyrics but that's what the song was about.

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May 12, 2011
Answer to two old calypso songs - NEED HELP

GINN - I know the two calypsoes you mentioned, but I do not know the NAME of the first one or it's singer.

The second one is much more familiar. It is called, "A honey-mooning couple," and is sung by Dave Martins and the Tradewinds. Dave is from Guyana, and the other members of the band are from other West Indian islands.

They have another one called "Wong Ping" or "Chi-nee Brush." Check that one out - it is absolutely amazing!

Jan 21, 2012
First song name
by: Anonymous

The first song is called Civilization by The Tradewinds from Guyana.

Here is the link for it on Youtube:

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