Trinidadians don't know what they got.

by angela

I was just watching Denise Plummer Heroes video, and I have to say it brought tears to my eyes. Then I saw Shadow video then Rose and I couldn't help it the water came to my eyes I realise the young generation don't have a clue what is talent. When I heard Denise singing her song heroes, its is so true we wait until one of our great talent is gone to appreciate and to recognize their contribution to our beautiful soca music. I don't live in Trinidad anymore but I still appreciate every single one of my TNT Calypsoian, Trinidadian have to start taking care of their own. The young and old need to stop taking our music for granted, they need to find away to make soca music just as important as any other music. I know that our money don't have much value anymore, but a CD, for $200.00 dollars I payed twelve dollars for Alison CD and I brought for every one of my friends for that price. I know TNT money is very low but when I hear two and three hundred for DVD OR CD that is just way to much, and if some thing is not done I believe our people will only know stealing, and not the feeling of pride for supporting their SOCA MUSIC!!!.

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