Sweet 2015 Soca Song By Fay Ann Lyons Entitled Raze. Soca Music Will Never Be The Same!

by Mantius Cazaubon

Fay Ann Lyons, Raze

Fay Ann Lyons, Raze

Fay Ann Lyons - Raze (2015 Trinidad Soca). Listen and download.

Fay Ann Lyons has released a very beautiful song called Raze. This one feels good on the ears. It's so refreshing to hear sweet singing in a genre that has been known for more aggressive vocals. Fay Ann is certainly a trendsetter in that regard with this latest release. Soca will never be the same.

Download below.


This song was written by Fayann Lyons-Alvarez.
Produced by Stadic Studio Productions.
Live acoustic guitar by Enrico “Di Gittarman’ Camejo.
Additional production by LAZAbeam and Wetty Beatz.
Mixed and Mastered by LAZAbeam of Jus Now.

Listen to 2015 soca release, Raze by Fay Ann Lyons:

Download Fay Ann Lyon's Raze here.

"Let this rhythm take you on an undulating journey of powers. Climbing higher and higher until it's as a turbulent waterfall; destructive yet beautiful. All hands in the air, release your energies! RAZE!"

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