St.Lucia 2009 Calypso Monarch Results - (Calypso Finals)

by Mantius Cazaubon
(St Lucia)

TC Brown, Mighty Pep, De Educator, Walleigh - St Lucia Calypso Monarch 2009

TC Brown, Mighty Pep, De Educator, Walleigh - St Lucia Calypso Monarch 2009

Here are the results of the 2009 St Lucia Calypso Monarch (St Lucia Calypso Finals)

1. 767.5 Points: The Mighty Pep (Ambassador's Calypso Tent)

2. 748.5 Points: Walleigh (Take Over Calypso Tent)

3. 726 Points: De Educator (Ambassador's Calypso Tent)

4. 715.5 Points: TC Brown (Ambassador's Calypso Tent)

So the defending champion Herb Black failed to place in the top four. I think he chose the wrong song and should have stuck to his other more popular number. It was a gamble to have done a new song and it didn't do the trick.

Pep on the other hand did a new song and it worked very well for him.

Special congratulations to my friends Educator and TC Brown.

St Lucia 2009 Calypso Monarch Results - (Calypso Finals). What are your thoughts?

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Jul 19, 2009
calypso finals
by: Corine - St Lucia

congratulations to the Mighty Pep> 7 times calypso king of st lucia

Jul 19, 2009
the show was a success
by: pepper

I think that the show was a success because the judges did a great job by judging fairly. I also think that the artist did a get job with their presentation.The show turn out to be better than the soca monarch and i enjoyed it to the fullest.

Jul 19, 2009
great job great fun
by: exodus

it was great last night the show could not be better

Jul 20, 2009
Congratulations The Mighty Pep
by: Jany's Mom Janitia

Congrats Mighty Pep. You have always been my favourite calypsonian. My favourite song from times was Cry of the Unborn Child. If Jany was her you two would hav a fight for this crown LOL

Come back strong next yaer all the best and be safe
Janitia Blasse Warner

Jul 22, 2009
by: dfly

congrats to the mighty pep, keep the good music coming. i also liked lady spice, and the song called escape.

Jul 23, 2009
congrat by . yo
by: yolande

i live in martinique and i would love to hear the mighty pep song congrat to all four

Jul 24, 2009
Land of Absurdity
by: Monitor

Where are you commentators from? I know you love to hear Pep sing but that is not what Calypso is about! It is about sattire, wit, double tongue, and more importantly originality. How on earth did Pep get to score high enough in his 'Ah taking a chance song' to defeat Walleigh? That song is not original! Invader did, 'I bound to be king tonight' and won. Writing a song demanding or asking for the crown is not calypso!

Walleigh was ROBBED of a second chance to wear the crown. With just 16 points difference, I am sticking to my point of view.

Jul 25, 2009
Judges were duped
by: Bashpawpaw

Yet another time in St. Lucia when calypso judges were duped and "coerced" by a calypsonian to give him/her the crown. Congrats to Pep, but the training for the judges will have to be better so that we don't find ourselves in such situations again in the future. I believe that the calypso/song of the year is Walleigh's Today's Child and the Kaiso of the year is Land of Absurdity. The children's song evokes a soul searching and reflection by the society, and maybe Walleigh stepped on too many toes by making people feel guilty about their own short comings as parents. Walleigh had the right also to express his disgust at the judges' poor judgement. Keep singing man. You were great.

Nov 07, 2009
by: Biggest pep fan.......Walleigh

walleigh needs to stop commenting, under other peoples identity.You a serious Bashpawpaw for doing that. We all know that Losing is not a bad give you courage and strength to fight back (May be in 2055 when Kasio is dead and gone).pep being in the business thus far has absorbed the smarts and stage performace to go with it, to come out on top all 7 times he did. Congratulate the guy for his talent and in 2055 you will finally do better.

Dec 19, 2009
by: kershama doxon aka kersh

i am kershama doxon from dugard micoud i am a 16 year old who love ur music

Jan 07, 2010
learn calypso
by: lucky chucky

Its obviouse that everyone has a different outlook to what a god composition is.

If "I taking a chance" is not quality enough to win a crown well then there are soo many other songs some even done by the great mighty sparrow unworthy.
Some people should just be humble in loosing.
Congrats to all.

Jan 07, 2010
Judges Duped
by: Absurdity

Lucky chucky,

Who says Walleigh hasn't moved on? That does not take from the validity of the comments. You must also put things into context. Comparisons are being made of the songs in the said competition; and so that crap you are saying about Sparrow songs can't be used here.

Re-read my earlier comment.

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