St Lucia Soca 2014 (Free MP3 Downloads & Playlists)

St Lucia Soca 2014 - playlists, free mp3 downloads, lyrics and more

In search of all the latest songs in time for 2014 St Lucia carnival? You're in the right place. In this section you can listen to all your favourite 2014 Lucian soca tunes. You can also download songs to your computer as well. I will post the various songs here as they are released and sent to me by the various production houses and artistes.

By the way, if you're a producer or artist and your song is not featured here, feel free to inbox me. Email address is mantius [at] (It's one word. Replace at with @. I deliberately wrote address that way to avoid spambots.)

Listen to 2014 Lucian soca from various artistes in the game, like Arthur of Evalucian, Nicole David, Qpid, Platinum George, Teddyson John, Ambi, Mongstar, Ricky T, Sir Lance-A-Lot, Mc Scady, Invader, Mad Ele, Crocadile, Kakal, Kakle, Sedale, Yardie, Ilah Man, Mubarak, Superman HD, Derek Yarde, Soca Syko, Toya, Marie Anne, DJ HP, Mac Eleven, Soca Princess, Gozilay, Blazzze, General Bakes, Shepp Dawg, Mysterio, yours truly Mantius and many more.  Listen to the music of the various newcomers as well. Every year new artistes come on the scene so this should be rather interesting. 

2014 St Lucia Calypso Monarch Semi-Finalists

2014 St Lucia Soca Monarch Semi Finalists

2014 St Lucia Soca Monarch Finalists

2014 St Lucia Calypso Monarch Finalists

2014 St Lucia Calypso, Groovy and Power Soca Monarch Results

St Lucia Soca 2014 Playlists & Free MP3 Downloads: 

Youtube Playlist (St Lucia Soca 2014):

What will 2014 Saint Lucia Carnival bring, music-wise? Only time will tell. Who will win the calypso monarch, soca monarch and road march titles? We shall soon find out. The uncertainty makes it very interesting. 

I invite you to share your comments on your favourite songs. What are your favourites. Which artistes are you feeling this year? Who should win the various competitions? Let everyone know below. 

This is a work in progress. The start of great things to come. This page will be continually updated as new music is released. So keep coming back for more. 

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List of 2014 St Lucia Soca Songs

  • Mr. P6 - Bacchanal (Slaughter Arts Media)
  • Carnival without you
  • Mantius - Peace and Love
  • Arthur (EvaLucian) - Hold Me
  • Likkle Wine
  • Mantius - No Guns Allowed
  • Arthur - Whoops (Rum not Juice) Kubuli Riddim - Slaughter Arts Media 
  • Mysterio - Loco
  • Iron Chair - Yardie (Produced by Francis Leebo De Lima)
  • Menelle - Aching Heart 
  • Mantius - Feelins
  • Kira - Get Silly (Slaughter Arts Media)
  • Mubarak - Bacchanal Time Produced By Mezzo-Forte Records (Rankin & Smokes)
  • Claudia Edward and Mecca - Party All Alone
  • Mantius - Bend Down
  • Sir Lancealot - Break Away - (Produced by Francis 'Leebo' De Lima)
  • Ambi - Any Gyal 
  • Benje - Don't Tell Me Nothing
  • Emrand Henry - follow you - Oasis Riddim
  • Motto - Macko
  • Mac 11 - facebook (Oasis Riddim)
  • Dee'na - Sweet Whine
  • Motto - Macko (RAW)
  • Dry Bonez & G.I. Joe - Truck invasion 
  • Nickler - No Gyal Can Take My Man
  • Soca Psycho - Bakarate 
  • Arthur (EvaLucian) - Numb
  • Mac 11 - For Kate (Tropics Riddim)
  • DRC - Feeling Nice
  • Pewee - Wanna Whine
  • Motto - Whinocologist
  • Cocoa Muraya - Whine On You
  • Isla Man - Salaizon -
  • DJ Cleus - Whine On Me - (Kabawe Riddim)
  • De Long Tongue Remix - Halibut ft Mantius
  • DYP - Kabawe
  • Kabawe Riddim Instrumental
  • Kakal - Aye Twavay - Kakal
  • True Colours - Candy Crush Riddim Produced By Hitty Lance
  • DJ HP - Pass It Senior
  • Invader - Tippy Toe
  • General Bakes - Lucian Spice
  • Yardie - Bumpa Tricks
  • Arthur & Hitty - Whine Dou Dou
  •  Jr love - I'm Sorry (Tuff Love Riddim)
  • Hitty Lance - Hulk Riddim Instrumental
  • Lex - Dont Stop - Stand By Riddim
  • Jonny Feat General Bakes - Hot Bread & Butter - Produced By Hitty Lance l Hitty Productions Slu
  • Lil Nick - So Healthy
  • General bakes - I Giving You Love (Tuff Love Riddim)
  • Mc Tea Bag - Doh Run (Stay Deh) Produced By Hitty Lance & Ronnie copy
  • Pewee - Independent Girls - Produced By Hitty Lance & Ronnie
  • Lil Nick - Mad Injection
  • Ricardo IR Feat Hitty Lance - Helen Of The West
  • General Bakes - Hooligans
  • Bad Apple Riddim  - Produced By Hitty Lance & Ronnie l Hitty Productions
  • Candy Crush Riddim - Produced By Hitty Lance
  • Arwee Feat Hitty - Show Me You Love Me - Produced By Hitty Lance & Ronnie copy
  • Emrand Henry - We God Bless 
  • Lavaman - Incredible
  • Hitty Feat General Bakes - Keep It to YourSelf - Produced By Hitty Lance & Ronnie 
  • Tea Bag - Bachannal Fever
  • Truck Horn Riddim Instrumental
  • Ricky T - More Rum 
  • 758 Riddim - Instrumental
  • Ezra - Bacchanal Rampage 
  • Nicole David ft Ricky T - In Di Middle Of Di Road 
  • Qpid - Balanga
  • Sedale - Bumper Hunter
  • Mongstar - Bad On De Road
  • Nicole David - Whole Way 
  • Mongstar - Mad People Alone
  • Superman HD - I Iz A Reveler 
  • Gozilay - Pa Check Mwen

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