St Lucia Recording Studios & Producers - Who's The Best Soca Producer or Studio in St Lucia

by Mantius Cazaubon
(St Lucia)

I've been hearing/reading so much about which studio or producer is better, who's happening and who's not. Let's set the record straight. Let's hear your thoughts. Who are the good producers in St Lucia?

The popular names when it comes to St Lucia soca include Penn & Ace of 758 Studios, Courtney Louis of Dutch Productions, Nigel Nicholas, Gilly and Patrice of Slaughter Arts Records, TC Brown of Changa Productions, Leebo of Heights studio and Matthias of Rhythm House.

There are several others who are either not well known or unknown to the general public. Some prefer to stay behind the scenes.

So who run tings as far as the production of St Lucia soca music is concerned? Do you think St Lucian producers are up to par with Trinidad? Do you think the music being released for St Lucia carnival 2008 is of a high quality? Who's leading the way when it comes to quality productions?

Please share your thoughts below.

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May 09, 2008
758 studios - Penn and Ace
by: Soca Ambassador

My vote is for 758 studios. Big up Penn and Ace for your dedication to St Lucia soca music and your attention to detail and quality.

Jun 04, 2008
best producer
by: nicky

sherwin dupes

Jun 11, 2008
Recording Studios & Prodecer
by: Anonymous

Best Producer and studio, "The Room" and Bobby Petersen Tobierre New York City.

Jul 02, 2008
Lynx/Slaughter Arts/Changa Pro
by: Jimmy Sliff

Linx studio has been producing most of the finest music goin around the country and world. BreaKING ground from R&B to Reggae, hip/hop, and not to mention Soca. u can look it up for urself. lynx has made a definite impact on the music scne in St.Lucia. Thanks to Gilbert 'Gilly' Cooke, Patrice Regis, and Tc Brown (Changa Pro). Keep the music coming guys and thanx!!!

Jul 19, 2008
Best Producer?OK!
by: Anonymous

All those so called producers must be shaking in their pants right now.The name KK ELWIN rings a very loud bell and the smart ones dare not comment and wisely so.All you need is one song and that song is SUZETTE.Talk about standing out,I dare you to define the music behind SUZETTE.Pure genius I must say.It does not sound TRINI,VINCY,BAJAN,DOMINICAN,GRENADIAN;Certainly not;its ST.LUCIAN and its new.Mass appeal unseen in decades,SUZETTE has set the bar.Herb Black's return also coincides with the return of KK Elwin to the calypso scene and the results speak for itself.Talk about the ultimate producer check out the credits on HERB BLACK's CD 'CALYPSO JAIL'2008.

Jan 15, 2009
Best Producer!!
by: Anonymous

Well it all depends on the criteria that makes a producer.Producer of what!! the sound recording???!! If so then Suzette doesn't even come close!! Local hit? then yes. Top tune! DEfine what makes a producer and by that I mean a record producer!!Do your research and get back to me! thanks.

Jan 27, 2009
To the Producers
by: Anonymous

Good for St. Lucia the more producers the better that should improve the quality of music coming from the island. However besides creating a good track lyric writing must not be ignored. One such producer who comes to mind is a young man from Praslin name Kevin Charles I had an opportunity to see him in action in a Brooklyn Studio in New York City. However his in more into calypso but he can write and produce both soca and calypso. I wish all these producers all the best.

Aug 30, 2009
I pick Rankin n Smokes
by: Liz Compton

Hands down the best producers in St Lucia are the brother due Rankin and Smokes..hands down

Jan 12, 2010
Best Producers in St.Lucia
by: Observer

Come on people, any body who knows about music production would know that Francis 'Leebo' De Lima is by far the best producer in St.Lucia and possibly the OECS. The body of work and diversity of generes he has done and done well is just amazing. He even produces people who call themselves producers!
Have you people heard "Over You" by Demus James or "Little After Midnight" by Krystal & Cylva J. "One Kiss" by Trish ft Kayo or "Endless Summer" by Kayo.
Have you guys heard Zionomi, Level 4, Stacey Charles Lisa Weekes and Trish. Leebo is the one who put all these artists in the Limelight.
Come on folks do some research!!!!
1. Francis 'Leebo' De Lima
2. Irvin 'Ace'Locter
3. Courtney Louis
4. Shewin 'Dupes' Brice
5. Petrice Regis

Jan 18, 2010
best studio inna lucia studio 911
by: dj gilly

reason bein due to the latest releases from da man drc,mighty might,dub master jay jus 2 name a few

May 22, 2010
by: Anonymous

The question was who is the best SOCA Producer/Studio. I certainly give Leebo the crown as the most versatile and wide ranging producer in St Lucia right now, however when it comes to soca music I currrently give the crown to Penn & Ace. Every year now they produce great beats and songs whether groovy or power soca for us to dance to. Even more now reason for me to choose them is the level of respect their name commands in the birth place of this music Trinidad. Seeing and interview with the current first family of soca music Fay Ann and Bunji and hearing the prise they have for Penn & Ace as producers gives me great pride. I want to leave with one final comment though I am very happy that we can discuss such a question here because that means we have and are developing a crop of good producers to further St Lucia music.

Nov 11, 2010
Best Producer!
by: Telvin

Yes I agree that Penn & Ace are worthy of the title of best Soca producers although Courtney Louis may debataby be better based on the track "Jumbie" which he wrote and produced for Machel Montano. He also consistently produces material that is always well received and popular around the region. But I would give the overall title of best producer to Leebo. I have never seen a producer who is so amazingly versatile. He has ventured into the genres of Calypso, Soca, Zouk, R&B, Reggae, Dancehall, Rock and Pop and executes to perfection. That is a rare talent. But I would like to reconigize the efforts of all producers in St.Lucia who are continuing to make us proud while they make music that is destined to put us on the map eventually.

Nov 17, 2010
the best
by: Dr. Val

I vote for Penn and Ace...especially Penn since November 16th...crazy vibes for PENN....and Ace is soooooooooooooo sweet.

Jun 21, 2011
Producing for Vincy Top Artistes
by: Anonymous

Hail to all, am the manager for the following soca artistes in St. Vincent and for 2012 our desire is to work with different producers across the region. R.O.K Entertainment manages Maddzart, Daria, Tamisha and D'lanlord and other up coming talents. If you would be interesting in producing some of our 2012 music please contact me ASAP @

I look forward in hearing from the producers of now and the future.


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