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What are some of the leading St Lucia radio stations online? Let's take a look.

All of these stations play soca music so you should find them a great addition or alternative to my list of favourite soca radio stations.

They play all popular music genres so you may have to go through the list before you hear some soca or calypso music. Who knows, you may be lucky and hear kaiso and soca with the first radio station you choose.

Radio Caribbean International - RCI (101.1 and 99.1 FM)

radio caribbean international rci This St Lucian radio station plays soca music all year round but particularly during the months of June and July when St Lucia Carnival is on. During this time you will hear lots of St Lucian calypso and soca music. The leading announcer/DJ for soca music on Radio Caribbean International (RCI) is DJ Iwa. He is usually in charge of the afternoon shift from 2pm to 6pm on weekdays. Hyper D plays a lot of soca as well, usually from about 6pm. You will hear lots of soca music during the months of February and March as well, when Trinidad Carnival is on.

Blazin FM St Lucia (99.3 FM)
blazin fm st lucia Blazin FM is the newest addition to St Lucian radio stations. This station appeals to the youth and is the latest craze. This is a party station so you get a lot of soca music as well as Dancehall. Their DJs are the same ones you get at the biggest fetes on island, including DJ HP, MC Scady and DJ Play.

Radio St Lucia - RSL97 (97.3 and 97.7 FM)

rsl - radio st lucia Of all the St Lucia radio stations, RSL plays the most St Lucian calypso music year round. If you're interested in a station which favours St Lucian music, this is the one. You will hear a lot of soca music from all over the Caribbean particularly when my good friend Marlon is on, from about 2pm on weekdays.

The Wave St Lucia ( 94.5 and 93.7 FM)

the wave st lucia The Wave plays a lot of soca music, particularly during the earlier part of the year, during Trinidad and St Lucia Carnival. But you will hear soca all year round. All the announcers play soca and calypso including Mike Rogers, TC Brown, Deadly D and Mr Pringles. Two of the announcers, Pringles and TC Brown are soca/calypso artistes themselves so it's no coincidence that they play a lot of this music.

Caribbean Hot FM (105.3 and 96.1 FM)

Hot FM St Lucia Hot FM is a good choice for soca music although they play more dancehall and zouk than any other. Most of the DJs play soca music, particularly during St Lucia Carnival.

Radio 100 Helen FM (100.1, 100.3 and 103.5 FM)

radio 100 helen fm Radio 100 (Helen FM) is another leading St Lucia radio station. This is a great station but in terms of current soca music it is not the best choice. Eka stands out in the afternoon from about 2pm on weekdays. She plays lots of soca music.

Real FM (91.3 FM)

This is the newest of the radio stations listed here, with announcers like Nigel Nicholas and Andrew "Yardie" Haynes. During the months of June and July in particular you will hear a lot of St Lucian soca music.

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