St Lucia Carnival 2009 Dates and Events

St Lucia Carnival 2009 Calendar of Events

The following is a proposed calendar of events for St Lucia Carnival, 2009. Dates and events are subject to change. Obviously, there are many more events that take place during carnival such as Outrageous in Red and Wet Fete. These are official Cultural Development Foundation (CDF) events.

Come join yours truly, Mantius and fellow NG soca stage artists at our first and biggest show for the Carnival season, "The Ultimate Soca Experience", on Saturday, June 13 at Saaman's Park.

Opening of Carnival - Monday 1st June

Lucian Line Jam - Sunday 7th June

Groovy Soca Monarch - Wednesday 1st July

NG Soca Monarch Qualifiers - Saturday 4th July

Calypso Semi Finals - Sunday 5th July

Carnival Queen Show - Saturday 4th July

Soca Monarch Finals - Saturday 11th July

National Junior Carnival - Sunday 12th July

Mas on the Square - Monday 13th-18th July

Square Jam - Monday 13th-15th July

Inter Commercial - Thursday 16th July

Panorama - Friday 17th July

Calypso Monarch Finals - Saturday 18th July

King & Queen of the Bands/ Caribbean Soca Monarch - Sunday 19th July

J'Ouvert - Monday 20th July

The Pageant - Monday 20th July

Parade of the Bands - Tuesday 21st July

Prize Giving Ceremony - Wednesday 19th August

For further confirmation contact CDF directly at 758-452-1859 or Fax 758-459-0615.

Mantius Cazaubon

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