Spice mas 2011

by Kayla

Spice mas 2011

Everything was good over there, a lot of big tunes. Tallpree came back in force with "jab all over" and "ah tink ah drunk" ft problem child!
Also, new comer terror kid with "last day" was mad!!! He won soca monarch this year with that song.

Lavaman was spicing up de fete with "so we dey", "jab dont care" and "some ah everyting".

One other song i loved a lot was "name callin" by berbice who is talking about star boys (homosexuals)

Anyway, soca monarch was awesome, juve was fantastic, monday night mass was fabulous (for people who dont know, its mass done at night and everyone in the band light up the place with glow sticks and glowing wistles and glowing clothing, its amazing!).

Pretty mass was wonderful and lasted from early morning till night time.
Spice mas 2011 was a complete success and party dont stop until ash wednesday (obviously)

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