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Where can you find soca songs on the Internet? There are several options. Let me point out a few.

Well first of all, you can listen to some of your favorite soca songs at this very site, Check out the various charts for the biggest songs of the year from the various islands, including Trinidad and Tobago, St Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Grenada, Antigua, or Barbados. See whether your favorite song made it to the top of the charts. You can either listen to soca mp3s, or watch a soca music video of your favorite artist in our best soca music videos section.

Soca 91.9FM

Another option you have as far as listening to soca hits on the Internet is concerned is a soca radio station. My number one recommendation is Iwer George's soca919. This radio station plays strictly soca music (including rapso, calypso, chutney soca, and ragga soca). Other radio options include Bashment Radio 103.1 FM, (the soca category), and Live365 Internet Radio (the soca category). I have written a complete guide to the best soca radio stations online.


Myspace is a good place to visit for all your favorite soca tunes. All of the biggest artists in the world are on Myspace and so are your favorite soca artists. My only disappointment is the fact that they don't have a soca category.

Online Caribbean Music Store

Last but not least, buy the music. It is very easy to buy a CD with all your favorite soca hits online. CD quality is the best. Mp3s are convenient in that the files are smaller and they take up less space, but consequently they are of a much lower quality. Forget searching for free downloads. By buying the music of your favorite soca artist you are making a positive contribution to the development of the genre. Also, you're getting a product that is of a better quality.

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