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Who sings soca song 
Hey All How you Living?? Who sings "What have i done to you for you to treat me like a criminal...... and who sing 5 10 15 20 ......

Invader - bend down low? 
i cant seem to find this song anywhere and ive been looking for ages, can someone please tell me where i can find this song.

Find a soca song 
the song is shake your tiling the chorus is like shake your tiling tiling ting roll your tiling tiling ting whine your tiling tiling ting

Who sings this soca song? What is the title of this soca song? 
Who sings the song Tempo? It goes : Whine de tempo whine

soca song lyrics 
I am trying to fin out the lyrics to Tempa Wine by Patrice Roberts & Machel Montano. Thank you for your help

Lawn mower song 
Hi,does anyone know the song i'm looking for.It goes something like this.... when i didn't get the job at the airport i decidid to buy a lawnmower,and …

Who sings this soca song?  
1)sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday too! On a thursday, friday, saturday I love you baby everyday of the week. 2)......I don't wanna be right oh, …

What is the title of this soca song? 
ther is a soca song that has the words "follow the leader" it's kinda of a stepping song. Meaning stepping to the left and right ans do forth. Do you …

Why - Dominican Soca Music 
Hi am a dominican i love my soca music from all the country of the carribean,but why is there no mention of the 2k8 soca music from Dominica or the carnival.This …

Where can i download Machel Montano's "Push yuh bumper" 
I would greatly appreciate if someone out there would tell me where i could download this song for free.. Machel Montano- Push Yuh Bumper

Bend down low? 
Hi everyone! I heard a song but I want to know what it's called and who sings it. I think it's an oldie. The chorus goes: I want you to bend (bend …

Author of Soca Music  
I know that Hero originally sang "TIny WIney" but my question is who wrote the words and the music?

dance steps 
What type of dance do you do to soca music? Samba? and what else?

Looking For The Music Of Lord Kitchener 
I would very much appreciate your help here. I am looking for the following recordings by Lord Kitchener. I believe they are from the early sixties. …

Buy St. Lucia Soca 
Why can't you buy St. Lucia Soca music online such as Ricky T. Ninja Dan and Alpha? I have found one Mantius CD on I-Tunes but that is it. Thanks, …

Why Dont't You All Have Guyana On Here? 
You Have All Of The West Indies On Here Except For GUYANA Im Offended! Please Put It On This Site.

Faye Ann Lyons Biography 
Do you have a bio on Faye Ann Lyons?

Ricky T biography 
whats the biography of the soca singer Ricky T?

Artists from Grenada 
A lady from Grenada nika or something like that. Whats her full name? where can I hear her music?

denyse plummer 
which website can you go on to get a full biography on denyse plummer?

Trinidad roadmarch - who has won it the most. 
Who won the most roadmarches in trinidad?

Female road march winners 
Who are the only two female soca artist to win roadmarch in trinidad. If you know your soca songs, then answer the question.

top 30 soca - party animal - problem child 
hey in the top 30 soca of 2007 songs this one is feautred:8. Problem Child - Party Animal (St Vincent & the Grenadines) is there another name it may …

Who sings soca song... Bucket of water 
I just got back from T&T and heard a song on the radio. Take a bucket of watah leave it out for yuh dahta. Can you tell me who sings this song?

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