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Old Soca song with lyric Half past nine 
Can someone help me find the old Soca song with lyric Half past nine?

Artist or title of soca song 
What is the name of song that goes, "I went to na party listening to soca just taking it easy and sipping a liquor a nice looking lady she came up and …

song search - I'll be right there when you want me. 
who is the artist? and what is the name of the song?...........the lyrics goes I'll be right theere when you want me.right there when you need me girl …

soca 2010 - Party Hard 
there is a song "party hard" popular in trinidad 2010 carnival , sung by an english artist, who is he?

Rupee - i"ll have my cake and eat it too 
So, what is the name of this song by Rupee? A Baseline, A Waistline, A Hardline, Anything will do and if I can find me a partner tonight, i"ll have my …

Lyrics to Crying by Singing Sandra 
what are the lyrics to, crying, by singing sandra?

Rock me baby come, come? 
Who sings the lyrics that go... All night i wanna rock you, until the party done... rock me baby come come.. rock me baby come come it's a female …

jook wine sit go down 
whats the name of the song, that goes like : jook-wine-sit, go down?

can anyone help me figure out what song this is? 
There's a company I work with that has yacht rock, soca, and steel drum music for their hold music. They have one song that comes on all the time, and …

Never Miss De Water 
who sing the song he will Never Miss De Water

who whats the tittle of this song??? 
soca song with lyrics let me see you wave your hands and put them in the air?

helpppp with old soca song plzzz 
its an old soca song goes like this u could do wat ever u want just dont ruff it up ................Than da songs goes:boy u keep on riding it riding …

whats this song called and who is it by - "jump and let me see... love and unity" 
jump and let me see.... love and unity jump and let me see you wave your flag...

Until the morning come - soca song 
What soca song has the lyrics "Until the Morning Come?"

Please Help!!!! Hangover... 
I am having the most difficult time finding this song, and I really loved it. If anyone can help, that would be amazing and most appreciated. lyrics: …

90's soca tune 
what is the name of the tune that says," Mr. DJ put the needle in me, I want to whine whine I want to grind grind."?

What's This Song Called? 
I think it goes something like this: Do de ting do de ting when your rockin on a swing.... darling baby do the water...

Who sang this? 
Who sang the soca song : "We dont want no put tow put tow pow in the party all we want is to have some fun"

Does anyone know this song? Possibly Come Baby Soca with me... 
Hi Looking for the name and artist on this song. Would have been out in the late 80's or 1990. The chorus went something like: "Come baby soca with …

"have the sweetest time when we dip on the wall" 
"I have the sweetest when we dip on the wall. She back it up for me me can't move at all." First line of the song...can't find the song title or author …

It has the words oh lord in the beginning of the song 
Well I don't have much words for the song, but I know the tune. My friend however added other words to it. Does anyone know the real words to this song? …

what song am i talking about? 
What song is is this... 'make him touch the ground jump up all aroungd" "gal you got to wine" Those words arent exact but i think it is close i remember …

Soca Music in Barbados 
Is Soca played a lot in Barbados, and listened to and danced to in barbados? Calypso and Reggae are listened to a lot in barbados? Also is Fungi …

how popular is soca music 
how popular is soca music in united states

Ah never can run away from dat, ah know ah caan turn away from dat. 
Need Artist and song name. ah never can run away from dat, ah know ah caan turn away from dat. This feeling so healing....

Am searchin in di band 
Am searching for a song, im searching, im searching in di band, im searching for a. .... im not sure which band sings it but i know the song starts out …

Soca song names. What is the name of this soca song? I think its by Iwer George but I'm not sure..?

Who sings these soca songs?  
who sings the song "I like to feel your body when its close to mine

Song from night til morning....I wanna go j'ouvert, j'ouvert 
the song goes something like Night til morning something something(the something is words I dont know) I wanna go J'ouvert J'ouvert, I wanna go J'ouvert …

"whine nookie nookie grind nookie nookie" 
I want to find out the name and artist of the person who sings that song.I know that this is not the correct lyrics..but it along those lines. Song is …

I am looking for a song titled Teaser by I don't know who sings it

need help wid dis song - we doh want no chi chi man 
does anyone know the name We doh want no chi chi man in a di carnivalll

India Soca tune "this is what it sounds like to me" 
I'm trying to find a soca track about a woman who came from Indian and said she loves soca.... the chorus comes in like.."this is what it sounds like …

name of st lucian artist in burning flames 
what is the name of the st.lucian artist in the burning flames band?

Kadooment Day 1993 (Crop Over) 
Hello, when I was at Barbados in 1993 while Kadooment Day, there are two special songs I looking for. I Think first one was "One step forward and …

Who wrote that song?... 
I can't remember the name but the lyrics are "boom boom boom boom I want you in my room, let's spend the night together... Woah woah this is what I wanna …

From Crop Over 1993 or 1997 
I'm pretty sure this song was either from Crop Over 1993 or 1997 or somewhere in between there. I remember almost all of the lyrics, but have no idea who …

old pussy song. 
i am looking for an old song played at all belizean parties. It has lyrics like "black pussy, white pussy, yellow pussy etc.." and "she na want it, i can't …

gyspy woman/gypsy love 
Trying to find this song, not sure of the title,its an old song. It starts Gyspy you turn on my love light....chorus starts, I want to love somebody, you …

destra chances or so i thought 
There's this song which i thought was Chances from Destra but i've searched for the song using those keywords and i have not gotten any right results. …

Looking for a soca song 
I kept hearing this soca song at Caribana 2009.. it went something like this she say de soca come down ...or maybe it was de fucka come down... …

chutney song - wine up on me... 
what is the name of the song and artist who sings this song, i only know the hook "wine up on me 3x but doh wine up on me nani"

Suss or Soos from Dominica 
There is a song that goes something like" gal yo looking good like ah plate ah food. .... If you want to hold meh, you could go ahead and do that .... …

Music played at Sandals Grande St. Lucia 
I am looking for the names of the songs and artists of some of the music that is played at the Sandals Grande St. Lucia. I stayed their for my honeymoon …

Who sang the absolute classic soca song LARA in 1995. I do not mean the Byron Lee version Wave for Lara. I really really want a copy of this song. Thanks …

st.thomas road march 
Did 17 Plus ever win a road march and if they did how many

Who performed Telele 
Who is the artist that performs the song Telele?

Writing a soca song.  
welll i really love soca music, calypso as well u know da vybe an ting really gets to my head, but i'm a young person maybe too young to get deeply involved …

the water is running 
who sings it

what is happening to soca music 
I live in canada now but my love for Tinidad music will never die. How can we stop cheap, selfish, people from stealing our beautiful music and taking …

what is the song ( you think I'm sexy I'm so hot hot hot ) ? 
Does anyone know this song and artist name: so hot hot hot, you want my body, you think I'm sexy I'm so hot hot hot . ... Thanks

look at wat dem wearing 
ive been looking for this song everywhere it goes look at wat dem wearing shame very tantalizing oh god dem gyal dem gyal dem gyal dem gyal dem …

I heard this song in a movie 
We having a nice time... We having a good time... is the chorus of the soca song I know this is limited information but this is all I have. Please …

1995 / 96 carnival best selling albums 
can anybody tell me what the best selling albums were that were on sale December 1995 in Tobago, i believe they were the 1996 carnival selection but i …

country roads take me home 
who sing the trini version

Does soca songs have a meaning? 
what are some soca songs that mean something? as in like a good song plz help it's for a project :)

Find soca song, artist, titles 
sung by a woman, chorus goes: riding it, riding it, riding it, liking it, liking it, liking it, timing it, timing it, timing it what is it and who is …

the lyrics goes "driving in ya car and yuh fell like superstar" ... 
trying to find song that goes "When your driving in your car and yuh feel like a superstar?

Do you think small island soca artists are better than some Trinidad artists but they don't get look at? 

Soca song name and artist information 
I'm trying to find the name of the artist and song with the lyrics that I think go like this - "nani wine down low, nani wine down so"???

kes the band song 
the lyrics are : " push back take a whine on somebody.. whoa whoa whoa yeh..".. wats the title?

Bobo list 
Can anyone tell me who sings that song bobo list?

meh head bad? 
I LOVE a relatively old soca song that has a kind of jouvert beat and goes like "i want to be in a band, jammin on a woman, i want to be in a fete, i …

Soca song titles and artistes  
Lawd ah shakin shakin, meh body achin..want some sexual healing meh body achin..... thats the chorus

downloading soca music 
i`m trying to find a site where i can purchase,or download soca music,tried rhapsody,don`t have half the songs,maybe some other caribbean site? i don`t …

I'm not going down there tonight! 
I just came back from St.Croix and I am digging V.I soca but I heard a song "I'm not going down there tonight". I want to know who sings it so I can download …

Where to download soca and calypso music? 
where would i have to go to download only soca or calypso music? it`s hard to find these songs online.thanks.

Who sings this soca song? 
who sang the iron have me so bazodee?

Wuk di johnny? 
There was a soca song that came out around 1996 or 1997. And it went something like "johnny... work di johnny... work di johnnny...all night.." Do you …

Road March Title 
Has iwer ever won road march title?

baron sweet soca man 
What is barons calypso for 2009? i am doing a project and would like to know what is barons calypso for 2009.

Old Calypso music 
Where can I locate old calypso music like Funny, Plain Clothes and others?

Lord Kitchener & Tokyo Steelband "No Wuk For Carnival" 
Do you have the lyrics to this song, I know it is not soca but i've been searching for it a long time and no luck. Someone please help. Many thanks in …

I think they are both remixes to Slaughter's "spread the love" and both of them have the "leggo mi riddim" beat! 1st: Soca in meh veins soca in meh …

What is the name of this soca song. Soca song names 
I think the song goes (she come down ...from the country she have a little batty) and then it goes aye aye aye aye aye aye she batty .....

Song lyrics to Zoelah's Wine Up On Me 
Can you get the lyrics to Zoelah's song 'Wine up on me'?

Want to go to Trinidad for 2010 Carnival 
Hi. I want to go to TNT for the 2010 carnival (and my 22nd birthday on 2/22). I'm looking for the dates but I'm getting different answers. I'm also interested …

2009 SOCA/Cowboy 
There's this song i use to hear at afterhours all the time... "She want a riiida, to give her the wickidest whine.. It had this cowboy/western riddim going …

barbados soca  
hi people, what up, i am dying to know this soca song for ages. it go some thing like this..... RAIN, RAIN, GO AWAY COME AGAIN A NOTHER DAY , BUT A RAIN …

2008 road march winner 
which soca artist won the road march title in 2008

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