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In search of soca music mp3s? I shall show you exactly how to get soca music downloads for free. I know this is not a legal way to download music but I'm gonna expose it to those who have not figured it out as yet.

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Here's a note of caution. This article is by no means to encourage you to download soca music for free. It's for educational purposes.

Like you, I was searching for soca music mp3s online for free. There were a few sites which allow one to listen to the various songs but they do everything in their power to restrict downloading.

Some of them, like, go as far as disabling right clicking on the pages where soca songs are listed. While this may deter some from downloading soca music, if you're computer savvy enough you would know that it is very easy to bypass this restriction and re-enable right clicking.

Do a google search for "disable javascript" and you can follow the exact steps to enable right click on a site that doesn't allow it. Then with javascript disabled simply right click on the link to the song you want and click "save target as". Be sure to re-enable javascript when you're done. So as far as downloading soca music mp3s are concerned, this is one option. (You may need to know a little html).

The only problem with downloading soca music from a site such as the one mentioned above is the lack of quality. The various soca music mp3s have been reduced to such a low level of quality that it is almost pointless downloading the songs. On this site, I have done the same thing as well and reduced quality to a minimum to discourage piracy.

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There are several sites that you can visit to download free soca music. These include and However I've found that these sites usually take a long time for new soca music to appear. You can get a lot of older soca songs there.

The best site I've come across to download 2012 soca music for free is The good thing about this site is that it allows you to do a search for whatever song or artist you're interested in. Just search for the song or artist and you're on your way. I did a search and found that most of the new 2012 soca songs are already on

Youtube to MP3 Converter

Nearly every soca release can be found on youtube. If only there was a way to download these songs in mp3 format. Yes, there is. All you need is a youtube to mp3 converter. There are several available online. My favourite is the one at You don't have to register for their service. All you have to do is submit the youtube URL (link) of your video and as soon as you do, you will be able to download your soca song in mp3 format for free.

Downloading soca music online with Realplayer.

Here's one of the best ways I've found for downloading soca music mp3s online:

First of all you need to visit and download the free version of RealPlayer, that is if you don't already have it on your computer. With RealPlayer installed on your computer, you will notice that every time you play a song that can be downloaded for free, you will be alerted. A banner appears with the words "Download This Clip". It's as simple as clicking on it and the song will be downloaded to your hard drive. If it's in mp3 format, you can begin playing as soon as it's downloaded.

If it is in a different format, like a .flv for instance you can always convert it to an mp3. What you would need is an flv to mp3 converter. Go to and you will find a free converter.

The steps mentioned above involve a little work, but once you've done them your troubles with downloading soca music mp3s for free will be over.

So what is the best place to get free soca music downloads?

Armed with your RealPlayer software, there are two sites you can visit for soca music mp3s. My favourite is and the other is The quality of the mp3s are higher than what obtains elsewhere.

On Myspace, some artists enable free downloads so it can be as simple as clicking on the download link. But for artists who do not allow downloads, it doesn't really make much of a difference to visitors who are on top of their game. With RealPlayer installed on your computer, when you visit the profile of any soca artist (or any other artist for that matter) on Myspace, that banner will pop up everytime prompting you to download the various songs. Songs on Myspace are in mp3 format so it's very easy to download any song you want as long as it is on the site.

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So when you want to download soca music mp3s for free, it's as simple as visiting Myspace and searching for the artist of your choice. Since there's no soca music category, you must to do a search in the music category, unless if you already know the URL to an artists profile, or they are one of your Myspace friends.

The same thing can be done by visiting a site like Simply search for your desired song or artist and download soca music mp3s to your computer via Realplayer.

Once again let me state that my intention is not to advocate downloading soca artists' music for free. I wouldn't say this as an artist. But this site is about providing information that I think my visitors want so I have to oblige.

We must admit that since the advent of the Internet, the entire music industry has changed. No one really has to buy music anymore if they don't want to because it's all available for free online. The onus is on artists and music industry professionals to dig deep and come up with new means of putting money back into their pockets. But for now it seems that it will always be possible to download soca music and other genres of music for free.

To make matters worse, most soca songs are not available for sale. So how can artists blame those who pirate their music? How else do artists want raving fans to find access to their music?

The truth is that many artists do not mind free downloads of their music. I'm one of those who see it as a marketing tool. Kevin Lyttle's fame had largely to do with the piracy of Turn Me On. In fact, he admitted it in an interview.

I could go on and on, but since the purpose of this article is about showing you how to download soca music mp3s for free, my task is done.

Learn more about free soca music mp3 downloads here.

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