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Searching for free soca music downloads? This material will list a few of the places where you can download soca music online.

From an artist/soca creator perspective, sad to say that every soca hit is available for free online. If you search hard enough, you will get the song you're looking for for free.

Let's cut to the chase. Go here to download 2015 Trinidad and Tobago soca music for free.

Here are a few options.

1. Google Search

This one is pretty obvious, but for some it may not be that way. Simply type the name of the song as well as the artist in Google. Maybe add a keyword like "mp3" to it. For example, if you were searching for Machel Montano's Unconditional Love, type "unconditional love + machel montano" into search box. If you're not successful add the keyword "mp3" to it. Try keywords like "listen" and "download". Certain songs will be more readily available than others so you may need a little patience to find what you're looking for.

2. - for free soca music downloads

There's lots of soca songs on this site which you can easily download for free. Keep in mind that what they're doing is not legal. Hosting artist's songs on one's website can never be legal unless you have permission from each copyright holder. It's a copyright infringement if you have no permission from the creators. Having said this, I know that some artists do not mind this at all. In that case a song is really a promo to help an artist get on shows.


Some artists allow free soca music downloads on their Myspace sites. If the downloading feature has been enabled by an artist, as long as he owns all the rights to the song, or he has gotten permission from the other owners of the song (eg. writers, producers), you can legallydownload the songs. If you have Realplayer, you can download any song on myspace, whether or not the artist has enabled downloading.

4. File sharing networks

Sites like are another source of free soca music downloads. Sites such as this one allow one to upload files including mp3s. After a song is uploaded you're given a link to your file that can be shared via e-mail, forums, MySpace, etc.

Since doesn't have a search feature, one way to find a song on the site would be to search for the song in google. This would take you to sites that link to the particular soca mp3 you're looking for on For general soca songs, try "" or for a specific song, try " song title" or for an artist, search for " of artist". Of course, you would have to replace "the song title" with the actual title of the song, and "name of artist" with the actual name of the soca artist.

5. Poor quality downloads

Sites like, host hundreds of soca songs on their site, but these songs are deliberately of a very low playback quality. They do this to discourage downloading. Not anything you'd want to download. On this site, I have deliberately reduced the quality of the various songs, as well.

Sometimes, a song is available online but not in mp3 format. It may be a .flv file for example. You need to know how to convert it to an mp3 file. If it's a .flv file you would need an flv to mp3 converter. Some converters can be downloaded to your hard drive while in other cases you can convert your file online without having to download anything. I prefer not having to download the converter. Just do a search in google for "online flv to mp3 converter" or try

If all this music is available for free, why would one buy it?

Well, first of all, if it's an original CD you're buying, the songs are in wave format and not mp3. This means that they are of a higher quality.

Secondly, by purchasing original soca CDs or legitimate soca music downloads you are supporting the artist's career. If you really like an artist, why not buy a CD? Let your actions demonstrate your love.

If you really like a song, you may want to get the original copy for posterity. A pirate CD could never beat having the real authentic soca album in your hand.

But the truth is that most soca fans don't care. People will not pay for what they can otherwise get for free. It's that simple. This is not peculiar to soca music but all the genres. Artists are selling less and less records.

You can learn more about free soca music downloads and downloading soca music here.

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