Soca Artist In London

by Cal Casimir
(London E11 UK)

Frankie Baby

Frankie Baby "Soca Baby"

I visited a Pub in london where a friend of mine recommend. To behold A very popular Soca artist I saw in Birmingham at the Sacred Hearts night club was peforming there. I did not get enough of this artist, who was exciting and entertaining.

He has a song that I love very much, "Lady from the Country" He sold out of albums in Birmingham and I thought that I missed out. But I managed to get a a copy from him in London. His name is "Frankie Baby" I will recommend him to anyone for any shows.

And He is from St. Vincent. He gave me a card with his details and when I tried the website I was surprised to find more of his songs. I played the tracks to some of my friends, and they ordered copies for themselves instantly.
Frankie Baby has a fan club in Birmingham and will be performing for them at the FCF Night Club Soho Road Birmingham. in June 2009.

I will not put my photo here, I want everyone to see this Brilliant Artist , so I will put a photo I took of Him.

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