Shurwayne Winchester Lyrics - Carnival Please Stay Soca Lyrics

Shurwayne Winchester Carnival Please Stay Lyrics

Carnival, (Echo) 
Stay (Echo)
Remanis (Echo)

Roll with he rhythm roll with the truck 
Roll with he rhythm roll with the truck 
Follow it, follow it

So Stay/Carnival please stay
Don’t go away
For another day
I’m begging you, I’m begging you

Shurwayne Winchester Lyrics
Carnival Please Stay Soca Lyrics

[Verse 1]
This one not to jump up
Is a slow song
Hold you lover while you chip down
With the morning sun 
Singing and carrying on
Hold on to sweet memories formed with old songs let new memories form with this one
The world’s greatest show Carnival can’t be done


[Verse 2]
Mud mass look an old time sailor just pass
Fragments of Costumes in the grass
Evidence of how we jump when playing we mass
Side walks scared with tribal colors we spot
Hug yuh partner share some old talk
Join him in a band you know you don’t belong

(Shurwayne Winchester
Carnival Please Stay Lyrics)

[Verse 3]
Vendors on the corners with their flavors
So yuh pass through with your neighbors
Have to eat this fast the rival band could pass
Later take a rest by the savannah bake and shark ,coconut water
The end came so fast
Garbage men start to pass


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