Should Faye-Ann Lyons Be Paid 100% Of Her Prize Money?

by Lisa John

I just read that Faye-Ann has to settle for 75% of her prize money. Don't you think Faye-Ann Lyons should be paid 100% of her money? If she was promised 1 million dollars shouldn't she be given all?

Didn't the government know there was a so-called recession before they promised the million T&T dollars?

I think it's a shame for her to be short changed like this. It's also a shame for the organizers and an embarrassment to soca music.

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Oct 05, 2009
faye ann
by: charles

i think this government is the worst in the history of Trinidad and Tobago had it been been some body that sing positive and in agreement with them they would have given that person the money if they could take tax payers money and gave Mr heart to do whatever he want with it is better they have given Faye Ann what was rightfully hers lets get raid or Mr manning and his set of yes men

Mar 21, 2009
give her all de money...Fayann bringing back soca!
by: Anonymous

When we getting some Guyanese soca on this page?

Mar 19, 2009
Don't Settle For Less
by: Anonymous

Are you kidding me? Then they should have decreased the prize money prior to competition due to economic constrains. She should get what was initially promised.

Mar 16, 2009
Give her all of It
by: TeeTee

I think she should get all her prize monies. She is entitled. If she owe them they would be lookin for de whole thing. So pay up......

Mar 15, 2009
Faye-Ann's money
by: Dimpledread

here here! I aggree 100%!!!

Mar 14, 2009
A promised is promised
by: Anonymous

They promised to pay Faye-Ann lyons 1 million dollars and that is what she should get for all her hard work.
I disagreed with the excused that money is tight and that they could only pay her seventy five per cent. She sign up for the full amount when she joined. Thanks

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