Red Plastic Bag - Ragga Ragga - soca Lyrics

Red Plastic Bag - Ragga Ragga - soca Lyrics

Ragga Ragga

Ah dont understand one thing when ah try to listen to one dub song
Ah tried and ah tried and ah tried and ah know that something wrong
Everytime the DJ decide to play all hands go up in the air
Everybody chanting doing the bogle oh what an atmostphere
But all ah is

Ragga Ragga
They chanting
They shouting
Even when ah move a little closer
Ah put me ear close to the speaker
Ah turn up the radio louder
You know how ah just can’t decipher

Ah went to ah fete boy after that
Man you know that fete was the best
By the time ah reach by the door ah hear a baseman jamming in me chest
This dub music is very sweet you know ah just cant deny
The young and the old they singing it and not me dont care how ah try
All ah hearing

Ah said to myself not to be left out I must get hip to this thing
All these popular dub songs you know that I would like to sing
How the hell they sing like that and doe bite a hole in they
Like an African Hebrew language to me that’s just how it sound
All ah hearing

(Red Plastic Bag - Ragga Ragga - soca Lyrics)

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Oct 28, 2011
by: Anonymous


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