Paradise Lyrics and Music

by Jomo

Is Sunday evening
And ah have ah feeling
Ah nice wind blowing
It blowing since morning
Oh gosh how ah love this soupsop juice
Sweet like honey
ah like it when it cool
Little boy, doh go in dem people yard
De dog an dem bad bad bad
No mango en worth none ah dat
Ah have two jullie
Take one for Blondie
The next one is yours
Tell her thanks for watching me girls for me

Man this life so nice
Twice as nice, when you living in paradise(x2)
In you darkest hour when you need you brother
They go give you a cup ah rice
Just like peotry if you only hear dem people cuss woy
Then turn round and party all night

Come with me
This is no fantasy
Is down the road we going
Ah hear some sweet pan playing
Down by the corner
Big blocko in session
Hold you daughter man looking for woman
Mr. Clark on he donkey
Doh care bout no money
Leave the man alone he always helping somebody
Thank you Ms. Laura
Thank you ah million
The cake from last night tasted so nice
Ah have some callaloo
Ah go bring so for you
When ah come back from me land

Somebody come take the blame for me
Cause ah love beauty
Paradise have plenty
Come baby come
You smile bright like the sun
From you head to you toes beauty for so
The great man above couldn't bless you no more
Brokko Bain boy
Ah see you watching woman
Take you books and go to school
Make sure you en turn no fool

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