Obeah Wedding

by Phil
(Omaha, Nebraska)

In Obeah Wedding by The Mighty Sparrow who is Papa Niser and what is meant by koo-noo-mooloo ?

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Jun 17, 2014
Answer to Obeah Wedding Questions.
by: Peach

Koo-noo-moonoo (in Belize, Central America (a British Commonwealth country) it is spelt Kunu Munu), meaning a bloody fool, idiot or someone stupid.

In the lyrics: "Some koo-noo-moonoo bound to say I do" (Some bloody fool, idiot or someone stupid will marry Melda eventually).

The word "bloody" is a British term a mild swear word used to highlight someone or something negative.

The word "Obeah" is Voodoo, tricks or some kind of sorcery (black magic or witchcraft). Voodoo (Vodou) is also a religion in Haiti.

From reading the lyrics, Papa Niser could be the name of the Obeah Man which is Sparrow's Grandfather in the lyrics and obeah won't upset his plans because his Grandfather would never obeah him.

"You don't seem to understand
Obeah can't upset my plan
For Papa Niser
Is me Grandfather"

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