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Here's where I talk about a fellow colleague of mine, Ninja Dan. (Listen to songs below.) This is an artist who I will continue to respect for the great contribution he has made and continues to make to St Lucian soca music and hence soca music on a whole.

His greatest achievement to date in my opinion is that of winning the Caribbean soca monarch in 2007. From my vantage point it was a very proud moment for him and his hard work surely paid off. I felt happy for him.

Ninja, christened Jonathan St Rose, from all indications is a hard worker. Big respect to him for his many visits to the various schools around St Lucia and his positive influence on the children. His "stop the violence' message must be commended. He has made it his duty to contribute to under-previledged children and I think this is one factor which has helped him considerably in earning the love of St Lucians.

February 14, 2008 update:

St Lucia Soca Artist Ninja Dan Held by Police For Questioning on Murder Incident

Listen to Ninja's Songs (Playlist):

  • Rise
  • Labouwé
  • De Outside Man
  • Véyé
  • Koupé
  • Brown Skin
  • Alcohol
  • Heat
  • Fly
  • Banana
  • Right Man For You
  • More Fyah - ft. Qpid
  • Today - Edwin Yearwood ft. Beenie Man, Ninja Dan and Denise Belfon
  • What The Girls Dem Want

Signing to Bmobile in 2006 was also a positive move because of the exposure it has given the artist as well as the financial support. It also clearly demonstrated St Rose's worth as an artist. In that year, the St Lucian Bmobile family also included Qpid, Alpha and yours truly.

It was in the year 2002 that Ninja burst on the St Lucian soca scene with the song Karate. Since then he has released tunes like Veye, Heat, Lang Maman, It's My Party, Labouwe, Outside Man, Chaos In The Streets, Brown Skin and his 2007 hit, Rise. I have seen Ninja make some enormous strides throughout the years and I commend and congratulate him for his determination and perseverance, for the soca music business is never short of hurdles. With such an attitude he can only "rise".

Anyway, big respect to Mr St. Rose every time. One love! 

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