Name of this soca song please!

by A

Hi guys this song is a good few years old, It's a collaboration between a man and a woman.

The woman sings "Yuh watching how me bumpa rollin/Yuh watching how me bumpa rolling/An slowly an slowly yuh coming up to me bumpa/Slowly an slowly yuh unda me bumpa whoi, whoi oy"
to which the man replies "I watching how you bumpa rolling/I watching how you bumpa rolling/And slowly and slowly I coming up to yuh bumpa/Slowly an slowly I unda yuh bumpa whoi, whoi oy"
"Ooh, boy, I know you watching me bumpa/Can you handle me/ *something I don't remember*/ Show me what you can do"
And, that's what I remember. I hope it's enough for someone to be able to help

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Feb 20, 2013
Title of Song and Artist
by: Soca Morti

Watching Meh Bumper by Leighana and Journey

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