Mr. Volts Biography

by Sammy Cudjoe

Soca Artist -Mr. Volts

Soca Artist -Mr. Volts

Soca Artist -Mr. Volts
Mr. Volts

Dwyane Abdon Hamer,who goes by the singing name “Mr. volts”, he is one of the fastest growing singer in his generation which genre mostly soca . A Soca Celebrity by status whose love for music, drove him to get involve in the composition and recording of soca which mostly entails groovy. Mr.volts inspiration to music were trigger by the great macheal Montano. He work diligently towards the music in the year 2004 in which he partake in the junior monarch and secure the 5th place. His song of choice were “Soca hooligan”. In 2008 after his short break (due to school) he release his song such as: “wet up,touch me,spin the rags, long gone and energy” in which he perform in shows like “ water fete, regatta opening, Glow show,Green hype soca fete and numerous boat cruise like celebrity cruise to different island and other shows. The following year he release several songs in which several of his song was hit song,one of his popular groovy song were “motion wine”. He elevated fastly due to his up tempo groovy song and his associates with top singer "Shortpree", which is preferable his style. In one of Mr. volts latest interview he mention that he is mostly concentrating on the groovy aspect. With the overall ratings and summary of Mr. volts is to say that he is very talented in the field of music and his great role has aspire other young artist to reach that level he is heading.

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