Mantius, Wronged by NG Soca Stage

by Mantius Cazaubon
(Saint Lucia)

I had gotten no information from NG Soca Stage for the year. I had been asking fellow artistes what is going on with the tent and information wasn't forthcoming, except that the tent appeared to be disorganised. I tried to call tent management to no avail. Then this week a fellow artist, Private 6 told me that they called him for rehearsal and that the launch is on Saturday. Right away I tried to call the tent leader, Kayo to ask for updates on the tent.

I kept calling and leaving voice messages and finally he answered to tell me that he was at work and would have called me back. He hasn't called me back to this day.

I was able to reach Tessa who is part of the tent's leadership. To my surprise she asked me whether I had released any music for the year. She said she would call production manager, Oaktreez. After supposedly talking to Oaktreez, she informed me that I wasn't on the line-up for Saturday's launch and how according to the said manager, my music is not "making the rounds". She said that in her mind it would be better if I don't perform instead of performing and getting no response from the crowd. I told her that people know my songs. I always get radio airplay.

I saw this (not allowing me to perform) as a deliberate attempt to keep me down and mess me up in favour of preferred artists/friends in the tent. If you look closely at who the performers are you will realize that they are affiliated to certain studio houses/cliques.

I felt very humiliated and depressed for a short while and considered joining a new tent that can allow me to showcase my music and perform. What's the point of being in a tent if you don't get to perform? I have given NG Soca Stage soca monarch titles and have been in the soca monarch finals every single year from the time the Tent started. I am one of the founding members and one of the most consistent and hard working artists in the tent. Every year I spend thousands of dollars to produce music for carnival. I don't make a profit doing this.

I view what happened as malicious, nepotistic and political. NG Soca Stage is no longer serving the interests of many of its artistes, not just Mantius. NG Soca Stage is bent towards making certain artists shine at the expense of others. This shouldn't be.

This is not the way you treat people. It's wrong and unacceptable. No artist should be marginalized because of personal agendas of the tents leaders and influencers.

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Jun 15, 2012
BOYCOTT(Man, woman.child,girl and boycott
by: Anonymous

If them boys don't correct their faux-pax against MANTIUS we boycotting N.G Soca. that ehn fair. mantius put ng on der stage.prolific and consistant
with nuff major HITS.

Nuffing good could last in st.lucia . zot twor. vowasse.

Sherwin or no sherwin we boycotting if mantius is not reintroduced.\


Jun 18, 2012
by: Anonymous

wow you see why the rest of the world don't really take to St.lucian music its because certain agenda pushing God wanna bee characters who call themselves empires continue to pray on the week tent managers who think they are doing good by following the instructions of these monopolizing bastards who cripple the public into thinking that only their music is good and after carnival their music only gets parked aside and goes nowhere i have been around Long to realized the problem is bigger than NG on a national scale its corruption and poor leader ship .Mancuios you better off leaving Ng.God's speed continue doing what you love they can only win if you stop as we know their music and lyrical content is crap they know it that's why they need their own radio station to push it .PS Oaktreas is an ass who knows nothing about music.

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