Mantius - No Guns Allowed - Anti Gun Violence Song

Mantius' No Guns Allowed anti gun violence song is part of a campaign to stamp out gun violence and violence in all its forms in our communities. 

I'm sure you'd agree that we all need to do something with regards to gun violence. The number of murders every year is just unacceptable. It's sad. The people being killed are our own countrymen, people we know, people we are related to and so on. Gun violence affects us all. We need to feel safe again.

This 2014 bouyon soca song is geared towards promoting peace and love in our society and is part of a larger movement that fosters positivity.

I'd like you to join me in this important cause. 

This song is written and performed by Mantius Cazaubon from St Lucia and produced by leading Dominican producer Dada Lawrence of Cotton Groove Studio, Dominica. 

It's on the Madras riddim, which also features Skinny Banton and Valene from Grenada, Halibut, Hunter, Janet Azour and Benz from Dominica, among others.

Here is the lyric to this 2014 St Lucia/Dominica bouyon soca song:

If you believe in love let me see your hands in de air

If you believe in peace, let me see your hands in de air

Somebody say yay yayyy

Leh we go


No guns allowed in here tonight 

No guns allowed 

Let there be peace

No guns allowed in here, no fights

No guns allowed 

Violence must cease

Verse 1:

We doh want no negative vibes inside dis party

All we want is positive heights, peace and harmony

We come here to have a good time,

We doh want confusion

We just want to enjoy de lime, free up and have fun


Verse 2:

So much sexy woman in de band

If u see dem bubble

But some man want to come in de jam

To look for trouble

We doh want no criminals around

Stay outta de band

Before u make de police shut we down

Doh dis de session


Verse 3:

If u fed up of violence, hands up in de air

If war and crime eh makin sense, put sumting up deh

Murder is not de answer

Come together as one

It's time to cure dis cancer

Just put down de gun


Somebody say "Peace and love". 

Leh we go


End of lyric


Mantius Cazaubon

Mantius No Guns Allowed on Soundcloud.

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