Mantius - Grab Something - 2019 St Lucian Soca

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Mantius - Grab Something - 2019 St Lucia Soca

Mantius - Grab Something - 2019 St Lucia Soca

Listen to and download Grab Something by Mantius below for free. What is the inspiration behind Mantius' latest power soca, Grab Something? How did the song come about?

While Mantius' hit song, Get Wild was totally mashing up the place for 2018 Saint Lucia Carnival and the many community carnivals, the Saint Lucian artiste noticed that people were not only grabbing bush but some were picking up other items as well and waving them. Inspired by the wildest Saint Lucian revelers and party goers, in the middle of carnival 2018, Mantius began penning the song, Grab Something.

Mantius - Grab Something - 2019 St Lucian Soca

For a limited time, you can download Grab Something by Mantius here for free.

At various events that followed St Lucia Carnival, while Get Wild was being played, DJs and MCs were asking party people to grab mostly bush/branches but other objects as well. At Saint Lucia's Marc Line Jam in August, 2018, incidentally, one MC used the exact phrase, "Grab Something". At Gros Islet carnival, people were bringing bush and other stuff in the band.

In New York, during Labor Day activities in September, 2018, in a conversation with Mantius, one New York based Saint Lucian DJ, reacting to soca culture was adamant that he should bring not only bush, but a toilet to his popular No Stoosh boat ride. Mantius took notice.

For years, across the Caribbean, people have been grabbing fences, picking up chairs and waving boxes, barrels and anything they can lay their hands on.

All of this inspired the songwriter and was further confirmation that his follow-up song would have to be one that takes Get Wild to that next level, one that is a reflection of soca culture where people "grab any ting and put dem in de air".

Grab Something builds upon and is largely inspired by the reaction of the people of Saint Lucia to 2018 hit, Get Wild. Mantius remains thankful and looks forward to more wildness in 2019 as people "Grab Something (anything) and put it in de air".

Mantius - Grab Something - 2019 St Lucian Soca

Grab Something was written and composed by Mantius Cazaubon.
Artiste: Mantius
Vocals recorded by Mantius Cazaubon.
Additional backups by Christopher Neil.
Live electric guitars by Zack Popo.
Produced, mixed and mastered by Christopher Neil of Big As Life Recording Studio, New Jersey, USA.
Song artwork by Ted Sandiford.

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