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In addition to those listed above, enjoy these few from 2008: 

Blazin De Trail Lyrics (2008)

Make Love Soca Lyrics (2008)

Unconditional Love Lyrics (2008)

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Who is Machel Montano?

Machel Montano

Machel Montano, born November 1974 in Trinidad and Tobago, is perhaps the best soca artist in the Caribbean and hence the world. This is a widely accepted view among soca music critics and lovers. This is not to say that everybody loves the guy.

When one thinks of Machel, one of the first thing which comes to mind is his incredible, energy on stage. He is truly unmatched in that department.

He can be said to be the epitome of soca music and it's almost like everyone is judged by his standards. Personally, I'm always impressed by his entrance on stage. The artist understands show business and he always creates a good first impression.

Machel, leader of the band Xtatik, is probably the highest paid soca artist. I have heard some relatively high figures of which I will not disclose. He is certainly worth it in my opinion.

Montano constantly has to redefine himself to stay on top of his game. This is his strategy for keeping himself and his band in demand. For instance, in 2007 he promoted himself and his band as Machel Montano HD, claiming to be the first human to go high definition. I'm not sure how "HD" he and his band is but it is certainly a great way to arouse curiosity and keep people's interest alive.

The Trinidadian soca artist has recorded songs with some of the Caribbean's most popular acts. He has seen it fitting to work with dancehall/reggae acts in particular. Apparently, he understands the need for soca artists to work with big names in the industry. Soca music is not as popular as dancehall music and by working with dancehall artists it is easier for soca to gain recognition internationally.

Artists he has worked with include Alison Hinds, Beenie Man, Calypso Rose, Burning Flames, Drupatee, Red Rat, Shaggy, Sparrow, Denise Belfon, Destra, Wyclef Jean, Vybz Kartel, M.O.P., Black Stalin, Mr. Vegas, Doug E Fresh and many others.

Montano is not only a soca singer, but a record producer and songwriter. Some of his most successful hit songs include Big Truck, Outa Space, Music Farm, It's Carnival, Band Of The Year and Jumbie.

Overall, I like the artist. He comes across as one who tries his best to take soca to higher levels and I respect that. He's a winner and a great asset to the soca music industry.


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