Machel Montano Soca 2009 - What do you think about Machel Montano's music for 2009?

by Michele
(Port Of Spain, Trinidad)

What do you think about Machel Montano's releases for 2009 carnival? I heard one of his songs about Raving and quite frankly I don't get it. If it were anybody else singing that song, it probably wouldn't get all the airplay it's getting. And what's with all this Techno in the soca music?

Of course, there's much more to come where Machel Montano is concerned but he ain't there yet. What are your thoughts, people?

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Jan 10, 2009
Doing it BIGGER
by: YAJones

I agree to some extent that "Raving" is not the hottest song to come from HD, but you said it yourself... there is surely more to come.

Soca is a fusion of different musical genres, and will continue to grow bigger. Incorporating styles like Techno and Dance make for broader appeal to people who appreciate those styles already. I applaud Machel and other artists for trying to reach out to wider markets.

Make the Soca ting real BIG!!

Jan 21, 2009
by: Telesha

I love all of his songs! it just gives me a carnival hype

Jan 29, 2009
Not feeling Machel
by: Anonymous

I eh feeling this man at all this year. He has no big song as yet. He needs to bounce back.

Jan 30, 2009
Won't Stop
by: J. Hardwick

I'm diggin the song Won't Stop. I cn see myself rel gettin on to it. Ravin is going to eventually grow on me, even though it sounds like friggin techno. But, for the most part, Machel isn't coming to well this year. Sounds like he's trying to be a hip hop/reggaeton/reggae/techno artist rather than be what has made him a star. I'm going to hope there is more than this.

Feb 11, 2009
Mafia in Trinidad Music
by: Anonymous

You guys need to understand that soca music in Trinidad is controlled by the Mafia "laundry and the guy who own's zen night club" johnny..

Ellis his uncle who died used to link Shurwayne etc with the mafia...

Nothing is a hit unless its blessed by the the chinee.

Road March is known from the month of December..
Road March is made.. Although it seems that Fay ann this year Mashin up Trinidad with her song "meet super blue" which is making Machel's camp furious as hell, u should hear the comments from them behind closed doors..

They blocked destra in the pass from a Road March Title .. well she can't stop talkin about that..

Notice 3 weeks before carnival the soca switch only plays the same 18 tracks over and over and over. These are the tracks that are on the Laundry Compliation cd.. for that given year..

Well we would see how everything pans out this year, since the chinee vow to make machel Road march champ for 2009 since he wants to topple fay - ann... with "meet super blue" which is my choice for Road March and "Heavy T' for groovy soca.....

Also I think Nikki Crosby and Paul Richards who work for the Mafia should at least come clean with the listeners since they give the listener the impression that there so just, both morally an spiritually..

When they themselves are guilty of accepting money for rotating soca tracks themselves on the station....

Its an Ugly business in Trinidad, the soca music scene.. No wonder no one could land a record deal from Trinidad...

So next u hear an artist say, they are being "fight down" think again. They know what they are talkin about.. there in the mix and experiencing it first hand...

I used to be a D.J at one of the popular Radio Stations, I Left and Glad I did, to much dishonestly when it comes to the soca scene...


Feb 25, 2009
Machel Montano and Shurwayne Winchester
by: Anonymous

Machel's attitude and ego problem has let him down this year. For instance he need to aologize to Shurwayne Winchester.

Feb 26, 2009
Attitude is Everyting
by: Anonymous

When it comes to Machel, I must give Jack his Jacket. He is a star, an energetic entertainer and puts on great shows. However, his attitude as an individual is the worst I have withnessed. I remeber him trying to kick down his mom in London, then the rift with Bunji and now to disrespect Mr. Winchester the way he did in public. The calm and classy Mr. Winchester. Shame on him, for his personality off stage stinks. He should keep in mind, the higher he goes, the harder the fall.

Feb 26, 2009
Machel has been failing soca for years.
by: Caribbean Music-not soca

Jack his Jacket..Machel is the most energetic performer I have seen and have worked in close proximity to, his music oozes rhythms that makes you dance,... most times at least, ... but is he what soca music needs as it's defining artist?
My point here is though Machel is good on the local scene in Trinidad, because locals pay to see him on stage regularly, this doesn't mean he, his music or his attitude is any good for soca music on a global scale. This could sound a silly statement for a man whom THOUSANDS in TRINIDAD ONLY claim as their soca king.
First his attitude.........stinks
Then the SOCA MAFIA issue: Yes it's true only to smaller artiste who try to get their music onto the urban stations then to realize it's carnival season, and they are not Machel.
Is montano HD really a global music or just killing SOCA. I once heard a quote from Ras shorty as to the intended fusion of what makes soca: Soul, Chutney, and elements of calypso. Even if I am wrong, then ALL the International WEB SITES, music stations, and Record Labels that BLANK our music and artiste must be paid attention. No foreign web site has SOCA as a category...reggae, dancehall..sits there waiting though. None...None...None of our top soca artiste are ever asked to feature with or open for any BIG ARTIST ANYWHERE other than a west indian audience. NO TRINDADIAN soca artist has had an ALBUM deal in the last...well....not since the XTATIK era when machel had a small chance and shamed T&T with his inability to deliver proper songs or his bad behaviour...not for a long time since. Kalyan, Billy Ocean, and Heather Headley simply didn't choose soca.
As one millionaire foreigner said it to me: "If Trinidad's BIGGEST SOCA STAR has been the BIGGEST STAR for the past 10 years, something is not growing in the music or someone is STIFFLING the music business, and clearly he is only big in Trinidad only because no one on the big stage wants to sign him".
Soca music is too fast in it's speed to be appreciated outside of carnival, it lacks messages in it songs, and they all say " rags, flags and wine". Simply too limited for an EXPORT product of which Machel is still the unworthy king.
For all his green sponsors, and MAD antics he can't seem to pen a song, or behave himself in a manner worthy of Global acclaim...
Therefore for Soca Music or Trinidad & Tobago music to reach higher, the talents of Maximus, Issac Blackman, Kees,3 Canal, Rizon, Judah B, and Collis Durante must step up to give us hope.

Feb 27, 2009
by: Anonymous

Machel was good this year
But im sick of the way he acts
I understand sherwayne sang a song
that was gonna be sang but still u dont slap
someone down like that. Also he said on The Big Story, that if he left soca he would "open doors 4 more soca artist" He thinks hes better than everybody and that hes the only good performer.
Dont get me wrong i love his music but he has to stop acting how he does. And if he doesn't hes gonna fall from his fame. And its already happening

Jul 02, 2009
Machel Is De Boss
by: Trini Lion

Yeah, De Man Have Ah Effup Attitude, But Who Wouldnt Be Mad At Another Artist For Singing Their Song The Same Night On The Same Stage....That Wasnt Cool. Like Someone Said In An Earlier Post. Hes Been On Top For About 10 Years. He Is Doing His Thing. Every Artist Right Now Wants Machels Spot So Expect Machel To Stand His Ground Like Ah Boss. It Is What It Is. When Machel Is Ready, He Releases De Hits Back To Back. I Do Agree That His Songs This Year Not Hittin Like Last Year, But I Understand Where Hes Trying To Go With It. Hes Trying To Broaden The Soca Horizon By Incorperating Different Styles Into The Genre. I Think The Biggest Success He Had Was "Defense". He Also Had A Tune Called "Hot" That I Used To Play In Lounges In Manhattan. People Was Feeling It Alot. That Led Me Into Playing More Soca. So Im Not Knocking Him On Trying A "Ting" But I Feel That When Its Carnival Time Iz Time To Wine, Put Ah Woman In Front An Ah Man Behind... He Muss Come Correct. Wanna Have A Convo About It? Contact Me @ It With Zeros....Bless

Jul 04, 2009
You REALLY matter!!
by: Ann

I'll never know what goes on in the mind of an artiste like you Machel, with so much talent bursting out. You were our boy wonder (like Michael). I met you once (at the Summit). You are loved. Just remember that Jesus died 4 u - the greatest, most perfect love ever! He's always there 4 u. Just call him. It's the 1 relationship that matters in the end. He'll never leave u nor forsake u.

Feb 04, 2010
by: Anonymous

Jamaica culture has taken over
i saw since i waz a child
all i was hearin is reggae reggae and more reggae the only time i would here a calypso is when i jump in a elderly person vehicle.lets all face it.ay an d

Jam peeple dont like we for dat we like to copy .i dont se why we cant enjoy dance hall and reggae in peace with out being called copykat.well soca iz all about pipe wine flag bending pipe rag in d aair.and i notice words like flag and hand in a d air .in a d air is a Jamaiacan slang. i dont know other islands adore TnT for soca and foods and other things.but we just dont see that.

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