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Here's the official Machel Montano HD Myspace page. This is the official page where you can listen to some of his biggest and latest soca tunes, watch videos, watch pictures, read his biography, post comments, learn about his upcoming shows and follow all his updates. Be sure to check out the Machel Montano myspace blog.

Over the past 26 years, the single constant in Machel Montano HD's ever-changing, stellar career has been his trailblazing approach to T&T's indigenous soca music. Through his various fusions, which include everything from performing with marching bands to collaborating with Grammy-winning reggae artists, Machel has worked tirelessly to establish soca, calypso's energetic offshoot, as a viable entity that can impact beyond T&T's internationally renowned carnival celebrations.

Check out the Machel Montano Myspace page here.

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