by Lisa
(Brooklyn, NY, USA)

Me and Sis was in Lucia with our fam last month after 5 years and how lucky were we to be in Babonneau with uncle right by the Multipurpose center to see Ricky T perform ...HOT....Q-PID....HOT..w/I do(Mac Pie) ..Stay in Your Section..INVADER..HOTT..LOVE it. and OMG I eh for King Herb Black...Love de tunes.My lil cousin was singing Bomb to us then told us what Bomb mean.Eh Eh. MAD ELE IS SOO GOOD. We done followed Ricky T all over from NY to Miami to no avail. Finally we saw him 3X this year @ St.Lucia Carnival launch in NY then in Lucia and then performing during Labor Day weekend in NY. How lucky were we. We almost had a heart attack. Thanx Mantius u are great to put this together I'm also feelin Mad Ele w/Lave Pous and Vini Wed. Ma Sis Love GAHA. Only bad thing..Fam in St. Lucia and NY and we don't know no Patois.That sucks eh. NY born but repping our home country and home people all the way. I'm so proud to be a descendant but can I get some Patois lessons.... I'll PAY LOLLL.

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