Listen to Soca Music - A Listening Guide

If you want to listen to soca music online you're in the right place. You have several options when it comes to listening to soca music on the Internet.

Your first option is an online soca radio station. While there are many Caribbean music stations online very few play soca music 24/7. They usually play all other genres of music. This is why I love to listen to soca91.9 FM. This station owned by Iwer George plays strictly soca, chutney soca, ragga soca, rapso and calypso. You can listen to soca music 24 hours a day. They play new music and old soca music alike.

Other soca radio stations that you can listen to online can be found on Live365 Internet radio. They have a soca category that features quite a few soca stations. Last time I checked there were 10 of them. You can listen to soca music for free, but after some time you have to register.

You can also listen to sweet soca music on Bashment Radio 103.1 FM, and, two of my favourites. Bashment is located in Brooklyn and plays other genres apart from soca. BigUpRadio is plays other genres as well.

We've talked about radio stations but these are by far not your only options. You can check out the many albums, ringtones, and new soca tunes featured on this site. Here at you can listen to soca music from all your favorite artists from Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, St Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Grenada, Antigua, Guyana, and the other islands. Check out the soca music charts for some of the best soca releases. Listen to soca music from road march and soca monarch winners as well as soca hits for 20072008 and 2009.

While most people search the Internet to listen to soca music for free, and for free mp3 downloads, another option is to actually buy music from the artist. Lots of tunes are available in mp3 format via paid downloads. You can buy your favourite soca hits for less than 99 cents online. This is a great way to support your favorite artist and making your own contribution to the music that you love.

Myspace is another good option when you want to listen to soca online. Most soca artists have a myspace page where they either feature four of their biggest hits that you can listen to for free, or several of their big songs that you can download for a small fee. Some artists even allow free downloads from their Myspace page. My only disappointment with Myspace is that they do not have a specific soca category. It would have been so much better if you could have gone to a soca category and see all your artists lined up. But all in all, myspace is a great way to stay up to date with music from all your favorite artists.

Facebook has quickly overtaken Myspace as the number one Social Network. You can listen to music your favourite soca artistes on FB.

If you're interested in listening to soca music, you may also be interested in viewing soca music videos. The best videos are featured on this site. You can watch videos from leading artists in the industry. Find out which are the top ten best soca videos. 

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