Leave Me Alone Lyrics - Jamesy P & Skarpyon Soca Lyrics

by Sweet

Leave Me Alone Lyrics - Jamesy P & Skarpyon Soca Lyrics

Woman fe do me manicure, me pedicure, me facial
Bruck me nah ha no money
Me run go call Racheal
When comes to gal thing, me no partial
Ah nuff gal fe this carnival

So leave me alone when yo see me and me woman them (leave me leave me)
Ah can't control oh ol
If ah have too much is my problem (leave me leave me)
Sing woman woman woman woman woman
Ah love up me woman (repeat)

verse 1
when yo see me walk in ah session
And me start to wine pan ah woman
Don't come ask no question
Whats her name or wey part she come from
Go and get your own
Every dog to his own bone
Fine ah nice girl to take home
And put in ah your love zone

How can you say that you can live without a woman
How can you do the things you wanna do
When the rain comes and youre in that sexual mood
She gonna call the stingerman Scorpion fe wild up she session


verse 2
Gal pan me right and me left hand
Ah moving like King Soloman
Ladies draw my attention
Is like ah natural obsession
Is there something wrong
With loving too much woman
Well whether am right or wrong
Ah dont need no correction

How could you try to live your life without ah woman
Ah would die if i cant get sweet love and affection
If thats the case
Well put me away, cause I man nah go astray
No way, no way


verse 3
Well then woman ah me joy and me laughter
The more me have, ah the more gal me after
Although me have me wife and me daughter
The more me have the more me want
Cause woman mek me eyes jump up
Woman mek me good friend stand up
Woman mek me speech get cut
Everytime she walk and model in she shorts
Woman mek me loose fe me wuk
Through me ah daydream pan the sweet sweet stuff
And woman mek me bank book done out
Through the money spend when me take her out
Out when me take her out, yea

woman woman woman woman woman ah love up me woman
(repeat 4 times)


Leave Me Alone Lyrics - Jamesy P & Skarpyon Soca Lyrics

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