Laziness (in soca music)

by Dave Harris
(Virginia Beach, VA, USA)

How much time does it take to "compose" this new soca? Three minutes per song? Jump and wave, wave ya rag....need I go on? Does anyone have real music and lyrics anymore? If the music is good, you won't have to tell people to "jump and wave". They will feel it. If you hear good pan, you won't have to tell people to move. Again, they will feel it.

Youth, go back to the "old school" and study. So far, musically, most of you are failing!
Yes, I am qualified to talk. I am a musician-not programmer or sampler, born in Brooklyn, NY, of Trinidadian parents (Mom from Belmont, Dad from Diego Martin). I grew up with Calypso and Pan.
Ras Shorty must be rolling in his grave hearing this noise people are calling music.

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Aug 13, 2008
Jump and wave soca music
by: soca artiste

If you think it's easy to compose this music think again. It may seem easy but it isn't? If it's so easy to write a jump and wave song that will move thousands even millions, go ahead and do it. After all it's easy, it won't take a lot of effort. Then post it here and prove your point.

In every era the older generation has criticized the music of the younger generation. Take Rock & Roll for example. So we can expect soca to be criticized just the same today. It's so easy to criticize.

If you have not written a jump and wave soca you don't qualify as an expert so you can't talk about how easy or difficult it is to write such a song.

Nobody is forced to love jump and wave soca. The masses embrace it so the artistes must be doing something right.

Oct 21, 2008
by: Ms DJ Revz

I can totally give u a list of soca songs that have very "real" lyrics attached to them - and it is not all about Jump and Wave.

"Our Prayer" - Kes the Band (2007)
'Start this life anew/ jah will guide you through'

"Order" - Maximus Dan (2005)
'Guns are roaming free/ Polluting my city/ They call on man for help/ to murder someone else'

With regards to jumping and waving its important to look at WHAT the artist is saying:

'Is all about unity, togetherness
Carnival time we love de jamming
All ah we collectively
In de bacchanal time to start de fete'n'

Destra "FLY"

OR it can simply be reflecting on what we want to see happen in the world:

'I ask myself many questions and I got no answer
The world needs more affection, we got to dig deeper
Wash away your hatred with love and you'll feel better
Just walk away from your anger and you will live longer'

Rogeer George - "The World Needs More Love"

I COULD go on, but then I wouldnt get any work done LOL - but yea there is much much MUCH more to soca than Jumping and Waving - its just a matter of listening to the words. (And its super hard to write a track too....i tried, and i failed so shame on me!)

Ms DJ Revz!!!

Sep 30, 2011
Soca beyond borders
by: Brian

I TOTALLY agree with the author that the soca scene in TNT is degenerating in both melodies and text!!.

The thing with Soca as it is being produced now is, that it seems as if producers are thinking "TNT carnival". That the horizon of their production are limited to that time and venue.

Making a comparison to reggae which also generated from a small island - they somehow managed to "export" the genre to the rest of the world. Soca in comparison has not.

Again - why is this?. I think there are a number of issues. One - producers/musicians are too focused on the domestic market - be it TNT or the larger caribbean. Two - the ready availability of music production software (Pro Logic, Fruity Loops, Propellar, etc) - means that anyone with limited abilties can put together a "tune" - (this of course is as true for Soca and any other genres.)

With the above - the easiest is to produce a beat - but with the annual demand for new tunes in an ever competing "producers" market - the result is that the general quality of "soca" music produced, is horribly diluted!

What Soca needs is producers and artists that can look beyond the "jump and waive" local annual scene, and look to the world market as an huge opportunity to promote the Soca! But they need to come embrace new technologies, sampling, etc and texts that go beyond "waive your flag".

IF the producers and artist continue as they do now, the Soca genre will drown in the oblivion surpassed by others such as Reggaeton, which is already making a massive hit on the international scene!.


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