Larynx Merit - Ebola - 2015 Trinidad Soca - Download

by Soca Freak

Ebola by Larynx Merit

Ebola by Larynx Merit

So, clearly, the new topic, the topic of the year is gonna be "Ebola". Or will it? Only time will tell. First, Benjai and Screws released an Ebola song, now it's the artist, Larynx Merit. It's a completely different treatment of the topic.

It's probably okay to have ebola in our songs, but I'm sure you will agree that we definitely do not want it in the Caribbean or anywhere close to us.

Here's Ebola by Larynx Merit:

This song was written, produced and mixed by Larynx Merit at the Global Siege Productions studio and mastered by Madmen Productions.

Download Ebola by Larynx Merit.

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