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Kevin Lyttle - Turn Me On

The critics call him a One Hit Wonder, but the fact remains that he has achieved what no soca artist has ever achieved, and only dream of. 

Here's my review of this Vincentian soca artist. Born in September, 1976, his name is almost synonymous with his hit song "Turn Me On", the biggest soca hit to emerge from the Caribbean in 20 years. The song "Turn Me On" was recorded by Lyttle and Jamaican artist Spragga Benz. Previously it featured Maddzart and was produced by Adrian Bailey from St Vincent.

International Chart Topping Soca Song

Turn Me On was first recorded in 2001, and slowly started finding its way into clubs in the UK. After being officially released in the UK in 2003, it peaked at number 2 and spent 7 weeks in the Top Ten of the UK single charts. It reached number 2 in Germany, Holland, and Norway,number 3 in Australia and Switzerland, number 4 in Italy, and number 5 in Sweden. It peaked at number 4 on the Billboard Hot 100, staying months on the charts. These are just a few of the countless number of charts that Kevin Lyttle's Turn Me On has dominated.

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The former custom officer has achieved what other soca artists only dream of. Not even the prolific Trinidad soca artist Machel Montano has been able to achieve anything close to that. Soca's biggest hit ever up until Kevin's achievement was 1983's party classic, "Hot, Hot, Hot" by the Montserrat native Arrow (Alphonsus Cassell). The song was covered by Buster Poindexter for the U.S. crossover market.

Other chart busters include songs like Last Drop, Never Wanna Make U Cry, If You Want Me (Call Me), I Got It, My Lady, Screaming Out My Name, Dancing Like Making Love and Mama Mia.

I guess the challenge for Lyttle is to come up with another song as big as Turn Me On or at least close. I believe it can be done but he won't find it easy. He has released many good songs since Turn Me On but nothing to compare with the international hit. I wish him all the best and support him fully.

Whether he comes up with another international hit or not it will be hard for another soca artist to match his achievement. It seems that Kevin will continue to reign supreme for a long time.

Ironically, he may not be as big or in demand in the Caribbean as a Machel Montano or Bunji Garlin, but worldwide he is the biggest, most famous soca artist.

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