It's love and love alone, that caused King Edward to Leave the throne

by Ralph Levy

Back on the 50's a friend of mine had a 33 rpm disc of Calypso songs and the above are some lyrics of one song.

Another song was called PRETTY BOY and started as : Went down the road one morning, went down to see aunt Janie, One pretty girl was waiting, waiting for me to come etc etc

Another one was about "the sloop John B"

I would give anything to have a copy of that disc.I dont know the artist or artists. Can anyone help?

Email me at and put CALYPSO SONGS in the title box. Thanks.

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Oct 26, 2009
king edward
by: Anonymous

Oh dear.I have this calypso and will have to dig it out to confirm the artist.But the sound of the recordings would make me guess its keskidee trio or attila the hun,growling tiger or one of those boys.Sorry for being vauge,but my copy is a modern remaster,so it shouldnt be that hard to find hopefully.
Regards...Lord Elpus.

Nov 09, 2009
love love alone
by: Callender Gabriel

this song was compose and recorded By my Father
Rufus Callender (Lord Caresser)in the 1930 s
thank you

Jan 03, 2010
caresser it is, but....
by: Anonymous

Yeah, Caresser is true, but you looking for Blind Blake, who covered that song AND covered Pretty Boy.
Caresser never did Pretty Boy. Alphonso "Blake" Higgs.

Nov 03, 2010
it was love,love,love,love,love alone, that caused king edward to leave his throne
by: lakshmi

this song love alone is extraordinary,both in terms of lyrics and in terms of tune.i first heard the harry belafonte vesion of it and thought that was the original and then discovered that it had an older version by lord caresser.another comment on this page by callender gabriel says that it was his father lord caresser who composed and recorded this i just want to be sure if lord caresser was the one who originally wrote and composed this song and if callender gabriel is the son of lord caresser.the original tune is excellent but i feel the later version of it by harry is even better, cuz it's much more civilized.

Jun 05, 2011
Thanks for introducing me to Lord Caresser
by: Sandra

I listened to Lord Caresser's - Edward VIII on and really enjoyed it. His voice is magnificently smooth just like the Roaring Lions'.

Is this Kaiso or Calypso? I get confused. :0

Jan 28, 2012
Lord Caressar
by: Anonymous

I know this is dated , but I would like to get in touch with Callender Gabriel since I'm working on a calypso history project

Mar 18, 2012
Lord Caresser
by: Anonymous

I'm Gabriel Callender niece, therefore Lord Caresser was my grandfather.It would be my pleasure to help you in anyway i can.
You can email me at

Oct 05, 2012
the movie " W.E."
by: Anonymous

Madonna used this wonderful song (Blind Blake's version) in her new film "W.E.", its a wonderful rendition!

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