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Antonio Philip aka I-Tonio

Antonio Philip aka I-Tonio

Real as they get, humble as they come

Antonio Philip aka I-Tonio, born on the 30th of October 1991, I-Tonio grew up here and there and everywhere, from Laventille to Carenage, from Tobago to Florida, from Georgia to Brooklyn, then from New Jersey back to Laventille. Even with all those varied environments under his belt, I-Tonio still remains grounded.

I-Tonio began his career writing and singing Rap and Hip-Hop music in the Carenage area together with other performers like Chad Man, X-Stream, Crimp-G, Swagga and Tek. I-Tonio would occasionally take part in rap battles with these fellas, but realized early that he wasn’t good at it.

When he migrated to Florida, I-Tonio met Anthony Springer, an incredible producer, who inspired him to write and sing Soca and Reggae. From Florida he relocated to Atlanta Georgia where Soca became his love and passion.

It wasn’t until January of 2012, David Pereira aka D-Nice, producer of Val Music Productions, saw I-Tonio’s true potential and took him under his wings. D-Nice showed him the way to become a Master Song Writer. I-Tonio’s first Soca was entitled Guilty, he later wrote another piece entitled Maddest Baddest Band. D-Nice was the man who brought life to this musical piece. It was then he did collaboration with another song writer and wrote a song for Blaxx entitled Scatter. His latest project a Reggae piece entitled Baby It’s You, is written and will be sung by him.

I-Tonio is no stranger to live performances; he performed at many community events like Jack Warner’s Peace Meeting and at many Secondary Schools. I-Tonio’s main focus now is to improve his singing and writing skills in order to work with some of his role models such as Tallpree, Destra and Iwer George. He also admires Machel Montano, the Mighty Sparrow and Lord Kitchener.

I-Tonio strives every day to make himself into a better professional song writer and performer.

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