I'm looking for title/artist of this soca song Choice FM Lon-Nov 1992

by Philip
(Dallas/Ft Worth, TX USA)

Hi there,

Can someone please help me ID this early 90's soca song?
**** see Soundcloud mp3 below for audio sample

I've been trying for years to figure out/find out the name of this song I recorded this off Choice FM 96.9 London on Sun. 15 Nov.1992
Not sure if the song is called "Jock Yo Waist" or Jerk Your Waist"?
Lyrics to me sound like:

"That's him, this is the new tune of the 90s "Jockin'" ...those who want to learn come follow me..."
then follows with:
"They say just to blame Colin Lucas cuz it's he who have them behavin' so
Last year he just blow their minds with his "Dollar Wine" boy he had them on the floor
but this year he tell them a different ting.. he tell them Doh Wine!
Doh wine, doh wine, doh wine
"Now all of them young boys jockin up their waists
now All of then young girls jockin down de place
and every party,,,and every disco and every blocko...."
"They say to blame Iwer George too cuz it's he who tell them what they should do, while Colin had them confused and the boom boom man came and gave them something new .."Jock Yo Waist And Wine"...."

Here's the recording below Thanks in advance


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Sep 09, 2014
RE: title/artist of this soca song Choice FM Lon-Nov 1992
by: Philip

I FINALLY found out the name of the song via a G.B. TV Archive '92 video I found on YouTube!
It's called:

"Jerking Up Their Waist" - D'Rebels

aka "D'Rebels Band" or "Rebels Band"

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