how popular is soca music

by shauntel.E

how popular is soca music in united states

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Nov 29, 2009
soca in the U.S.
by: calypsokid

Obviously, not popular enough! Outside of Brooklyn and any major West Indian (Trini/Bajan) community, it's like speaking another language!!!! Soca should be as or more mainstream than reggae or even reggaeton, but because of marketing and unsaid other reasons, it just hasn't been promoted at all. Trinidad isn't exactly a known tourist destination, and suffers so. The only time you hear soca on the radio is before and during Carnival (I'm sure you know that), after Ash Weds, the radio stations go right back to the usual format. (yuk)....Jamaica has it right......the music is one of the national treasures and in my humble opinion, Trinidad and Barbados have the richest trove. You know what Stalin says on Mr. Cultureman? You get thousands of people going to Carnival and come home to quickly forget the music?? Spread de word!! It's your apostolic duty. The folks who aren't enjoying it are the losers....

Sep 05, 2010
soca going mainstream
by: Anonymous

My girl is a Trini. I'm African American. The main reason it hasn't gone over big in the U.S. It's hard for many Americans to dance to. I've tried and I feel like a fool. Machel Montano's music is just to fast for the way we were brought up dancing. It's like learning to write with your left hand. It can be done but its awkward at first. Regae on the other hand has a similar beat style to hip hop and R&B. and you don't have to whine.

And at the club I do'nt want my girl whining with some dude. But it's ok if they dance regular. This also limits it on the u.s. clubs scene. If yyou can't get your music in the club and get people to dance to it at a wedding it's going to be hard to sell it in the U.S.

My 14 year old daughter is not allowed to whine. So she is going to listen to music she's allowed to dance to. And lets face it the future of music is with the kids. So if you want to sell music in the U.S. you have to sell it to the kids.

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