Holiday in St Lucia for The Carnival

by John Davies
(United Kingdom)

When I visited St Lucia in the Summer I was quite surprised to see find out that our holiday coincided with the yearly St Lucia Carnival. I have been to a Caribbean carnival before, and am a regular patron of the Notting Hill Carnival in London so I had some pleasent expectations for the St Lucia Carnival.

It turned out that all my expectations were to be exceeded and what turned out to be the best Caribbean themed carnival I have experienced.

When I booked my holiday through Kenwood Travel I expected the holiday to be one of standard beach and relaxation. But what I got mixed in with the relaxing beach atmosphere was a bright, friendly and colourful Carnival of St Lucia, where even families could enjoy a nice dance and party along the procession route. This was a bonus as I had my two young daughters (15, 13) and apart from the odd wolf whistle and some unwarrented attention, but other than that we all felt much safer than the British equivalent and all had a great time.

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