Grenada Soca 2014

2014 Grenada soca

You can listen to all your Grenada Soca 2014 favourites here. Check out the playlist below. 

You will find music from all your favourite Grenadian soca artistes such as Mr Killa, Tallpree, Pupa Leendi, Lavaman, Inspector, Brother B, Berbice, Sheldon Douglas, Soca Banton, Luni Sparks and Electrify, Boogie B, Nnika Francis, Valene, Terror Kid, ShortPree, Mr Leggs, Maximillion, Skinny Banton, bands like the Small Axe Band and many more. Every year these artistes grace us with so many great songs and this year should be no different. Let's see what they have to offer this time around. 

Grenada Road March 2014 - Squeeze Head- Turbo Charge:

(Artistes and producers please send your new music to mantius @ gmail . com for upload to this page.)

As always, I would love to hear your views on the various songs released for 2014 Grenada (Spicemas) Carnival. Be sure to add your comments below. What are your favourite songs? Which artist or artists stand out this year? Who should win the soca monarch and road march titles? What do you think about the carnival in general? Any thoughts you may have as far as Grenada soca 2014 is concerned are welcome here. Share them below. 

Grenada Soca 2014 Playlists:

(Courtesy of DJ Socaholic)

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