Dr Kitts??

Hallo, I am trying to find the song that was banned by the BBC in the 50's called perhap Dr. Kitts.

It is about a doctor giving a young lady an injection!!

The lines I remember are:

I push it in
She pull it out
I push it bck
She start to shout
Dr.Kitts I can't stand the size of your needle

Can you help?

Many thanks

Steve Batsford

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Jun 04, 2009
Dr Kitch
by: dimpledread

you mean Dr Kitch as in Kitchener i can't rember if the song is named after him but his records are easily avaible, ty Toronto-Lime in the classics sections you can hear them there and i do believe there are instructions on how to download them on this site hope it helps you can also contact his son Kernel Roberts who is part of the Machel Montano HD camp

Oct 26, 2009
by: Lord Elpus

The song is indeed dr.Kitch by the late great Lord KItchener.It was released on 7"45.i would have to dig my copy out to tell you the lable.However it is easy to find on you tube.
My band is currently recording a version for a c.d.release which will be available shortly if you are interested.
Regards,Lord Elpus.

Apr 02, 2010
Looking for Dr Kitts
by: Anonymous

Hi there

If you follow this link you will be very pleased.



Dec 22, 2010
Dr Kitts?
by: Anonymous

As far as I remember this was a calypso by Lord Kitchener and the lyric was "Dr. Kitch ah cant stand the size of your needle"

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