Doh Stop De Beat Lyrics

by Damian Regis
(Beausejour, Gros-Islet, St. Lucia)

Doh Stop De Beat Lyrics - Damian Regis

Doh stop de beat!
By Damian Regis
A melody is taking over
Waking me up from my slumber
Ah suddenly feeling that de vibe is so right
Pulsating rhythm inside me
Ah wondering how it could be
Dis feeling ah geting I cah stand it tonight!

Out of control it under my skin
I am feeling it from within
So exciting know what I mean
Cah wait till party swinging

Hitting me like I am a drum
It exploding just like a bomb
So damn shocking ah feeling numb
No wonder it eh hurting

Doh stop de beat
Ah dancing no one can stop dis feeling
Doh stop de beat
Ah grooving it sound so good ah listening
Doh stop de beat
Ah waiving ah feel so good ah jumping
Doh stop de beat
Ah moving just watch de way ah looking

I went into a soca party
Happy group of people round me
Ah suddenly feeling thirsty
I need a beer.
Met up with this real fine lady
Invite me to come dance with she
Then pulling me close and whispering in my ear

Repeat bridge and chorus

Let me free me mind for me to pass de time
From de top to de bottom in a rapping style
Never loose your hope you need to be agile
Creativity the name of the game sublime
Time to get on wild
Like a crazy child
Let your troubles go and stop acting mild
Cause we’re moving forward whether rain or shine
Take it back to de chorus cause we’re in our prime

Repeat chorus

Ah feeling, ah feeling ah feeling
Yes ah feeling good
Ah feeling, ah feeling, ah feeling
And ah feeling nice

Repeat chorus

Doh Stop De Beat Lyrics

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