Difference between soca and calypso

by victoria
(diego martin trinidad)

what is the difference between soca and calypso

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Feb 25, 2010
Like Mother and daughter - Difference between Soca and Calypso
by: Calypsokid

In my humble understanding of the two genres, Calypso is generally defined as the root of more modern genre, like Soca/Soca chutney/Rapso, etc. Calypso itself grew out of root Afrikan rhythms and passed along by people known as Griots, who spread the news in song and chant. Calypso embraced the musical elements of the world, beginning with the Afrikan, it absorbed influence from the English,French,Spanish,Portugese,Syrian,Chinese,Indian and Aboriginal. The early chantuelles employed songs to convey messages to one another under the noses of their colonial masters and to poke fun at them for their own entertainment. Out of the bondage of slavery and indentured servantry,music was employed to carry tradition, to teach and remind the next generation of the tribulation they endured. As Calypso evolved, different instruments help define it's course, it was always rooted by drums and simpler percussion instruments which includes bamboo (tamboo bamboo),gourds,metalic objects such as dust bin covers,automotive brake drums, bisquit tins etc, hence the "engine room". The British military bands help establish more western instrumentation and the Yanks presence even further. Lyrics became one of the hallmarks of Calypso, which further drove the songs identities. The Artistes tailored their rant towards the government and inspired the people much like a newspaper, with an agenda. This is a much abridged overview of how I relate to Calypso. Soca, which has been contested, has been credited to the likes of Garfield Blackman (Lord Shorty)and a host of others, basically embraced Calypso and Soul music elements to form a modern beat (faster), akin to rock and roll for the younger generation. Artistes like Sparrow and Kitchener quickly adapted to the artform and incorporated the formula to their compositions. I see your post is from Diego Martin, which is the home of Rain-O-Rama. Why not call on Kernel Roberts for a personal tutorial? There's a rich and long history of what I feel is the greatest music since Beethoven.

Jan 19, 2013
by: Anonymous

well first off you spelled africa ' afrika

Jan 15, 2014
soca and calypso
by: Anonymous

Calypso is a genre of Afro-Caribbean music that comes primarily from the island of Trinidad. calypso is heavily rooted in West African traditional music, and was originally used as a means of communication between slaves, as well as a form of entertainment.

The name was originally kaiso which isused in urging someone on or in backing a contestant. Calypsonians pushed the boundaries of free speech as their lyrics spread news of any topic relevant to island life, including speaking out against political corruption

Soca is derived from the first two letters of "soul" and "calypso" respectively. It is a modern form of calypso with an up-tempo beat and originated as a fusion of calypso with Indian rhythms, thus combining the musical traditions to the two major ethnic groups of Trinidad and Tobago.

Garfield Blackman also known as Ras Shorty I was the creator of soca who began singing calypso at the tender age of seven. Today, the most popular versions of the music are groovy soca which is a slower version of soca and power soca which is faster paced.

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